Sunday, March 7, 2010

No New Hairs (At least that I can see)

You sick of my ear hair??? I AM. Sorry to leave that post up so long.

Methotrexate caught up with me this week. After two weeks off, it kicked my booty. I did some serious sleeping the last few days but all seems headed back to normal. The ole hair is getting a little on the thin side, but the bodacious bod seems to be working. My eyes on the other hand, aren't exactly cooperating. The opthamologist mentioned the ole Uveitits to me, but I'm ignoring it for now...YEP, my Scarlet Syndrome is kicking in. The Omnipred eye drops (Prednisone for the eyeballs) seems to be helping. Most of the redness seems to be gone. They are still a little itchy and scratchy. Hopefully, Friday they will tell me that the internal inflammation is better as well. Until then, I'm sporting no eye makeup and a really old pair of glasses :) Good Times!!

Today was a fabulous beautiful day. The weather was great and I spent most of the afternoon outside shooting photos of great little girl....more pageant pictures. I think I shot somewhere around 400 today. I took my camera card and card reader to her mother tonight and left it so I haven't seen them all yet. I'm pretty sure we got "THE" shot today. I'm anxious to see them. We also did a fitting this morning of her dresses. She's a tiny little 00 (as in double zero). The pageant is on the 27th. I'm looking forward to it.

The kids had school yesterday (Saturday School). I think it went better than they expected. It made for a short weekend though. I can't wait for Spring and good weather for an extended period of time. I am so ready to finish this little house. Spring Break is the week after this week. Jeff took off all week. I'm going to take off as much as I can (SURPRISE JEFF). I want us to be able to work together on some of these "projects". We are going to have a fun "at home" break.

Jeff and I are catching up on a backlog of TiVo. (I told you I've been sleeping.) Have a fabulous week!! I know I will.


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Lesli said...

Hey girl.. I am so sorry about your eyes.. that broke my heart when I read that you are dealing with that too.. stay strong, I will be praying for you!! Oh and are you going to share some pics, would love to see them. Have a great time with your time off... just relax!!