Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Today was a wonderful snow day that I spent on my bed WORKING. I think that's what insurance agents do in bad weather. Actually, most of the day was consumed with conference calls!.....lots of changes coming in the new year. Since I only had 15 to 30 minutes between each call, I didn't get much accomplished around here. This was my view most of the day... Check out that cool blanket I made the other day. I was feeling inspired the day we didn't have heat. :)
I did enjoy a fun photo shoot with Savannah today. That child loves to pose and it always gets me tickled and we just keep going. She is so fun and becoming more of a dear friend everyday. I hope she always likes me.
Savannah is all about the PEACE sign. She got this little necklace for Christmas from her MeMe. I think it was, by far, her favorite gift. She is a mess. Tonight, while I've been uploading pictures (which by the way, takes WAY too long on here) we have been video taping each other. If I can ever figure out how to post those, you would die. Jeff has been channeling his inner LL Cool J tonight and Savannah, well, Savannah just loves the camera.
Here is my other little tater tot. He got his hair cut this afternoon. I think he looks like a glo worm here. (Does anybody remember those?)
He's such a sweet boy but on the other end of the shyness spectrum. He does not like the camera and wouldn't think of posing like Savy does.
Jeff and I have discovered the True Blood series on HBO. Thanks Ashley. It is terrible, but we rented the whole first season and have gotten somewhat addicted. I can't believe I'm watching vampires and actually enjoying it. Tonight we are finishing the final dvd of the first season.
The kids are out of school again tomorrow. I don't know why. Southern freak out over snow, I guess. I hope to get some things done around here tomorrow. I am supposed to go to Jackson Saturday and Sunday with my friends to watch Haleigh's cheer competition. We had dinner tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings to support the OBHS tennis team. It was rumored tonight that the competition was going to be called off because of the "deep freeze". If so, I'm going to make it my mission to get my kitchen painted.
Enjoy the snow and be safe. Please take care of your pipes!

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