Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do you ever REALLY get caught up?

To say I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, just may be the understatement of the century. I haven't been able to get it together to get this blog back in working order. Unfortunately, that is just ONE more thing that feeds my feelings of being overwhelmed. SO, tonight, it's me and the computer in the bed!
Having computer time has become a little difficult in the Acree Abode. Dalton and Savannah have been introduced to Facebook. I've been holding them off for the last 10 months or so. I can't say I'm completely at ease even now. They have been begging for Facebook pages for months and I just didn't want them on there. Jeff and I thought long and hard about it and I made him get on and explore and he finally talked me into it. Needless to say, they are now on and it has severely limited my computer usage. Apparently, they really were way behind the times because ALL of their friends are on there.

How about a little OBHS Homecoming? Haleigh, you were positively stunning and we can't wait to do it all over again Friday night! (It was raining cats and dogs the entire week of Homecoming so they did it inside. Now that it's not raining they are gonna do a repeat on the Football Field just as Homecoming should be.)

Then of course we had a little Halloween.... Meet my little Indiana Jones.....

And how about my little Pediatrician?

We had a really fun Halloween. Savannah's friend had her birthday party that night so we went to their house and Trick or Treated in that neighborhood. It was full of many friends of both of the kids and even some of mine and Jeff's.
For some reason, pictures are taking FOREVER to upload tonight so you are just gonna have to trust me on the rest of this.
I still don't have cabinets but I DO have sheetrock in the kitchen now. I very kindly called the cabinet gentleman on Monday and diplomatically let him know that if I didn't have cabinets by Friday, I was coming to his house to SHIT on his kitchen counter. I told him I would be happy to shit on my own, but I can't have a counter because I don't have cabinets. He's called me everyday since to give me an update and from what I understand we can pick them up tomorrow. Sometimes you've gotta just break things down for folks. Just sayin...
What's up with the darn ladybugs? We are on ladybug overload around here. Is this a normal "country" thing?
Got a few health issues going on...what else is new, huh? I went in because my hip was hurting and an MRI and CT scan later, I have degenerative disc disease, kidney stones and a cyst in an interesting spot. Still don't know what's wrong with my hip and after all that, I don't care to find out any more. So, back on the 'roids and just loving that. I guess tomorrow I'm gonna check into getting a room at the mental health institute and we'll just see if these stones pass. HA. PRAYER. That's all I know to do.


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Missy said...

Hey will you get a room with two beds, cuz I will join you. Don't sweat/fret about the blogging. I too have been unable to blog much with all the kids and their different activities and back in school.
I don't know how you are sane with STILL not having cabinets...seriously you deserve a medal!
I am so sorry about the medical issues...wth you need a break, vacation, something. How bad are your stones. I have a kidney disease myself. One of the problems, side effects so to speak are stones. I had 23 stones in one kidney over the summer...they are NOT fun to pass. Do they think you will pass them? HUGS and hang in there