Tuesday, May 27, 2008


my days and nights are really getting messed up. or maybe it's my crazy family. it's 9:45 and everybody went to BED.
i thought it was summer time and we were supposed to party like rock stars. HA. i actually think i figured it out. they play all day now and swim for hours and by the time i get home they just want to know where dinner is and kiss me goodnight.
i have pictures to hang tonight but i'm gonna be nice and try to be quiet instead of hammering all over the downstairs. i really wanted to paint the trim around the ceiling of the back patio tonight but it started raining about the time i left work. that was OK though because when i got home, jeff said we have every other color paint in this house except the exterior trim. go figure.....after that party yesterday and my backyard looking like sanford and son's, i'm all fired up to get it in shape.
i wish my body could keep up with my brain. i have lots of ideas, i just don't have enough hours in the day or energy to get it all done. i wonder how long you have to live in a house before you feel like when you get home, you just love it and there is nothing to fix, paint, decorate or plant. i was in my last house for 4 years and i think i was to that point but it was the smallest house i ever owned. everybody tells me to take it one room at a time....they obviously don't have a.d.d.
my mom is worn out tonight. she's the local night owl and i think she was the first one to bed tonight. bless her. we filled out a bunch of paperwork today and hopefully can get this ball rolling with a successful outcome. prayer is powerful.
speaking of which, the mccown family can still use our prayers. for that matter, they always will, but it is truly a difficult time for them now. i haven't talked to lelania since early afternoon and can't get in touch with her tonight.
i've got a busy day at work tomorrow so i guess i'll try to join my family in catching some zzzzz's. lelania keeps me in line and focused so i'm all over the place at work in her absence. i did make a list today before i left and tried to prioritize. i hope it works.
ya know, tuesday nights are just not the same without american idol.
hug those babies (even if yours are worn out)!

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