Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy Monday AGAIN!

Well, can you already tell what kind of day it has been? HA. I started this post and for some reason screwed it up and couldn't figure out how to edit it so I just left it and we'll try this again!

I'm being positive today. Sometimes you just have to put the smile on and keep on going. Well it's THAT time. I've been pretty good and haven't had to do this in awhile, so I'll keep counting my blessings and do what I have to do. Work has been so busy (MAJOR BLESSING) that by the time I get home, play with the kids for a bit, get everyone fed and homework done, I'm worn out.
Tonight we took the golf cart over to the course just across the street from our house and I took pictures of the tree that was struck by lightening Friday evening. It is one of the more bizarre things I have seen. Here are a few pictures of it. You can see right through the tree. It's unfortunate because it was a huge beautiful tree. I'm just glad the lightening stayed across the street!
Check that out! You can see through the tree. It blew the bark off of it all over the course and split it from the ground all the way to the top.
I'm not questioning any of HIS powers. A bunch of the houses around here have finials on top of them. With all of the lightening that happens around here, I'm glad I went with the traditional style house. I just happened to take pictures of it today while I was outside because I wanted some of my new flower beds. I weeded for a little while tonight. I was wondering who coined the word "green thumb". My thumb is not green but my index finger sure is. AND it hurts, too. Check out these flower beds (yes, I do realize the house needs some shutters but convincing Jeff to get them ordered is another story.)
Look close, they are there. I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture without backing far up. Here is the side I have already weeded.

Those have taken me a long time to get. Can you tell I'm proud of them. I love my flower beds and I finally have something to start working with.

Ok, how about those babies? I have their pictures on here finally!! I'm so proud I'm getting all caught up tonight.......Here is Mallory!!!
Who does this baby girl look like? Just like her Aunt Kacy!! I wish I had my baby pictures where I could put them on here. You can't tell us apart.
She is a mess. She is quite the little assertive rat. I don't know where she gets that from. HA.

Poor Bradley, he has no idea what he is in for!
Baby Georgia is a sweetie and she LOVES her Aunt Kacy. She didn't want anybody else to hold her. Mallory is a Granny's baby. Here is Georgia. She looks like Bradley did when he was a baby! They are too precious. I have a hang up about baby feet. Look at these............

Don't you just want to eat them up?
Yesterday we had a party for Jeff''s mom. I took a few pictures while we had everybody here. I also took a couple of my freak of nature kids who turned the birthday party into a swimming party. It's a wonder they don't have pneumonia. Here is the birthday girl..........................

She was a sport and entertained my photo fetish.

This would be my daughter singing Happy Birthday to her Grams. I'm a little concerned about what her future holds.

That's my baby girl. Oh Boy!
I caught Dalton in the middle of a dive. Not bad.

That was a lot of fun. Ok, everybody is in bed already. The kids have 9 weeks tests tomorrow. Jeff and I have another attorney appointment tomorrow. The plot thickens. I also have a doctors appointment for a check up on the Bell's Palsy which is coming at a good time. It was better, but not anymore.
I had the thought a few times today about how thankful I was for my friends. Many days they are what gets you through. I have a few special ones in my prayers right now that probably don't want to be mentioned. Just know I'm thinking about you and all the wonderful things you do.
Hug your babies and share your love. People don't know you love them unless you tell them.

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