Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, I managed to find something positive for my title. It hasn't even come on yet. I know I won't want to do this later so I'm a little early tonight.

I have a backyard full of little boys. THEY ARE SWIMMING. These kids are crazy. It is so cold. I guess when you are young, you just don't care. Savannah is at cheerleading so it was a good time for an all boy pow-wow. They are filling water balloons and bombing each other, too. I love the sound of their laughs and squeals. We have to keep Izzy in the house when anyone swims. She thinks everyone that gets in the pool is drowning and it is her personal mission to save them. What I don't think she understands is that she's actually drowning whoever she's trying to help.

Doctor check up was good. Just have to give it more time. Apparently, all of the sunburn stuff I've been experiencing is from the steroids several weeks ago. At least it will soon pass. I can't go outside for more than 30 minutes without looking like Larry the Lobster. I've already peeled twice this year. That's just nuts. He didn't offer me much hope for Project 125. He said that steroid weight gets on really fast, but comes off much slower. He also warned me about pushing workouts because with steroids still in my system, muscle would build quickly. Patience is a virtue but not one I was blessed with.

The attorney end of things today went ok. We have more work to do, but hopefully the accusations will get under control. Not before I lose my mind. If I can make it through tomorrow without losing it, I'll be ok. I'm not looking forward to it but will be glad to get it over with. I have worked so hard to get where I am to have some silly stuff like this happen. To say I am irritated would be an understatement. I'm just trying to keep that famous Acree smile on and roll with the punches. Mommy mode has kicked in now though. As any mom would say, you don't mess with my kids. Some things were said today that would affect my children and that is just somewhere you don't go with me. The claws came out a little bit and both Jeff and the attorney backed down and got real quiet. I will protect my children until I die and even afterwards.

Jeff got up this morning and cooked breakfast for the kids because they had tests today. That was awful sweet of him. There was plenty left over so he wrapped it up and left it on the kitchen counter. When we got home there was no sign of it. Izzy had a good snack.

I'm outta here. Dalton wants to take me for a ride on the golf cart and that sounds great to me.
Hug your babies and share your love!

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