Friday, May 2, 2008

friday to friday

well, i didn't do a very good job of keeping up with things this week. the word overload does not begin to say how i feel. i have so many blessings and don't get me wrong, i am very thankful for each and every one but i have had some serious curves thrown at me this week. today, i just lost it. to put things in a nut shell, family can really cause you some pain. i'm a survivor though! i have to be stronger than the situation and use my moral senses instead of my immediate emotional ones like i did today. sorry to anyone that got in the way.
i am so behind!!! tomorrow, i am going to get some picture updates on here, I PROMISE. it's driving me nuts that i haven't done it already. i have some awesome pics from talledega. i honestly think that was about the most fun thing i've ever done. i love an amusement park and always have, but i'm pretty sure i like nascar better. don't worry, i've already come to grips with the whole redneck issue.
after my meltdown mid afternoon, i came home and guess who was here!! my nieces, mallory and georgia!!! i spent all afternoon with the girls and got some awesome pics of them as well. they will make their debut this weekend. little mallory is very allergic to dogs and cats and that's just not a good thing in the ole acree house. as a matter of fact, that just plain stinks since the animals rule around here. thank goodness for benedryl. jeff grilled out with the sirens going off tonight because of the tornadoes. i think my little "episode" freaked him out today. after going to the grocery and cooking dinner, he headed for high ground and took dalton to see a movie. savannah opted to stay here with the girls.
savannah and i had orthodontist appointments this a.m. we both got cranked up and are sore tonight. her elbow hurts from all of the back handsprings shes been doing. she's giving it a break until sunday. last night, with the straightest face, she told me that she was having a chicken fucachinni lean cuisine for dinner. (yes that is pronounced the way you think it is.) i was sitting on the front porch when she broke that news and i thought i was going to fall off.
the weather has been beautiful until today. we have been outside almost every night watching the kids ride up and down the street on golf carts and scooters and bicycles and four wheelers. they are having so much fun and i am having a blast watching them. they are growing up so fast.
well, i have way too much planned for tomorrow and i already know it won't all get done, but i'll try. my house is trashed, i want my pics on here, i need to study for some upcoming testing, my flower beds are being put in tomorrow (and i can't wait!!! i love my flower beds.), i have forms to be filled out and submitted by monday and i have two kids and a husband. wow, the dry cleaning needs to go and i have returns at two stores. since i'm hyperventilating now, i guess i'll stop.
i launched project 125 this week. it's my new weight loss program. i'm going public with it for the accountability. my butt is out of control. some people have pointy hips but i'm just not that girl. lania says anorexia is not an option, but i may have to find ways to trick her. i have over 15 feet of pants hanging in my closet packed in there and about two pair fit me. steriods were not good to me. (i can say that, but i don't like it when certain others do.) so, i'll keep you posted on project 125. i've never been on a diet or exercised to lose weight so this is a little strange.
thank you to all of my friends for being there for me in the middle of my breakdown today. i can't tell you what a friend means to me. i cherish my friendships and love my friends like they are brothers or sisters. when they hurt, i hurt. when they are happy, i am happy. i have friends right now on both ends of the spectrum and i love you all.
lania, you know i love you and always know that you and your family are in my prayers.
savannah wants to cuddle. who could pass that up. i'm outta here.
hug your babies and share your love and don't forget to smile.

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