Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Have a Title Tonight

Do you ever wonder if everyone has as much drama in their lives as you do? It just seems like one thing after another....like a soap opera. I guess everyone's life is like that when you sit down and think about it. I think you just tend to focus on the really chaotic times. If things were just perfect we probably wouldn't notice. What is normal anyway?
Kacy's "Chronicles". This is the best way I have figured out to keep up with my family, friends and even myself. I don't tell my whole life in this blog but I do put things in here that mean something to me or those that I talk to regularly. I miss my friends and family I don't get to see often because there aren't enough hours in the day or because of the miles in between.
I'm tired tonight. Day one of the "The Diet" went well I guess. The food is disgusting but at least I wasn't hungry. Ashley told me Day 3 would be the worst and I believe it. Based on how I feel tonight, my body is going to be pretty angry with me by Day 3.
My cousin has a friend in brain surgery right now from a bad car accident today. L's mom is still in the hospital with no more answers than the day she got there only now she seems to have developed double pneumonia. One of my little guys at St. Jude is at home in isolation which is one step up from the hospital where he and his family spent Mother's Day, but his body is not acting right or cooperating with the doctors right now. Another friend who just began a second type of chemo is having a very difficult time adjusting and is completely wiped out. I need some prayer help. I'm doing my part and would really appreciate anything you might have to offer.
Dalton said he was so brain dead from the MCT's today, there was no way he could make a decision on what he wanted for dinner and found it absolutely absurd that I would even ask him. That 9 year old little turd weighs 93 lbs.
Savannah did about 4 back hand springs tonight all by herself. I missed them. Once again.....mom of the year award! NOT! I wish I could be more, but I don't know how. I wish I could find balance, but I don't know how.

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