Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy Day

After 6 more yards of mulch, 4 day lilies, two clematis vines, two flats of variegated monkey grass, two flats of impatiens, two flats of petunias, a thistle sock for the finches, and relocating the hummingbird feeders so not to disturb Chiquita and Banana, I am worn out and my hands and feet are black and will probably be that way for weeks. I also think my back might be about to break. Oh, I almost forgot the additional yard weeding I did, spreading the weed and feed and finally staking up my two small oak trees in the front yard. This was a busy day and I have more to do tomorrow. I enjoyed every minute of it. I love my yard and my flower beds. These are really big so they are a work in progress. The shutters for the front of the house are still not up. That is really throwing a kink in my landscaping. Hopefully, those are in the near future.

Tomorrow, I plan to play in the backyard with the kids. I want to lay out and just relax. Jeff is working until noon and then our cove is having a party for the holiday. They are probably just happy we finally got our yard looking better than a salvage yard. HA. Actually, we still have some work to get it looking better than that.

Mom is supposed to be back home sometime tomorrow. She took the girls up to stay at their house so they would be more comfortable. Mary went home really late last night. She started missing her mom and dad. Lelania spent the night at the hospital again, but Mary was happy to have her dad and brothers. Lelania left for a short time this a.m. and got cleaned up and visited with her kiddos. She quickly returned back to her mothers side. I haven't been since Thursday and plan to go tomorrow evening. Lelania is such a wonderful friend and her family is so dear to me. Seeing her go through this with her mom right now, just really freaks me out. With the news last week the feelings just intensified and became almost unbearable. It has made the time I have with my mom precious and something I will never take for granted. I don't know how I can ever go on without my mom. I never have. She is always there for me. That's where I need her. She tried to tell me today that wasn't the case, but she is wrong.

Sorry no pictures today. I was covered in black mulch from head to toe. I have a few more things to get in the ground tomorrow morning and then I'll take some pictures. We finally had to break down today and pull the truck into the yard. I managed to not throw up. Someday, it will all be pretty. Everything needs to grow a little bigger and needs to be pruned in the fall. I want to add some bulbs this fall and a bird bath. I also want some roses. That's about it for the front and then it will be on to the back. I'm going to have to go tropical out there. It gets the full afternoon sun.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. Spend time with friends and family and make those moments memorable.
Hug Your Babies and Share Your Love.

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