Friday, May 23, 2008

Enjoy the Moment

Life is going much faster than I am capable of...I shut down again this week and still don't have it all together. When I started this blog, "In The Blink of an Eye!" came to mind because my children were growing and changing so fast. It means so much more to me now. In the blink of an eye, not only will your children grow up, but your whole life can change. This proved itself to me multiple times this week. Cherish every moment you have with everyone in your life because you never know when God may call them or you for a bigger job. You never know when a loved one tells you they feel fine that they may just be scared of their own pain until it's too late. My faith is strong but my heart and my body ache right now.

SOOOO, all I can do is live in the moment. Today, I had many great moments and took a lot of pictures to remember those moments. I had my normal day at work and got home about 5:30. That's where it got better. My nieces, Mallory and Georgia were here at my house, along with Princess McCown (Mary) who moved in for a few days while her mom (Lelania) camped out at the hospital with her mom. She and Savannah have had a blast and gotten a lot of sun. Jeff had bought two yards of mulch and we quickly figured out that we were not capable of the flower bed situation. HA
Apparently we need at least 4 more of these.

Here is what we started with...
Ok, the wheelbarrow quickly turned into a big joke....even Ethel showed up to help...............
Mallory thought this was really funny!
We eventually had to bring out the heavy artillery. I wouldn't let Jeff pull the Suburban into the yard. We just layed all that sod last July and the thought of the Suburban on it made me want to throw up. So we progressed and pulled the trailer into the yard with the 4 wheeler.....

Thank goodness for big boy toys! I can't believe I actually said that. Did I mention that Savannah side swiped a convertible Corvette on our street with the golf cart this week? I think I probably left that out during my couple of days of blog rebellion. That big boy toy thing was really not a great thing that day.

OH, also during my "rebellion" David Cook won American Idol! YES! I finally picked one and got it right. I love it. Of course, I haven't heard a single thing about it after the show. I've been too busy with more important matters I guess.
Ok, sorry for the picture overload...well, not really. I'm a proud mother and aunt so just bear with me.. This is Savannah and Princess Mary. Are they beautiful or what? I love Savy G's eyes in this picture. That child is going to be the death of me. Mary is the sweetest child you have ever met. I absolutely love her and those girls had a blast and are totally exhausted tonight.
I'll start with Baby Georgia. She had a tummy ache this afternoon so catching her with a smile on her face was a bit of a daunting task.

No hair jokes. I get it cut tomorrow. Look at this sweet baby...her Aunt Kacy loves her so much.

Her Granny loves her, too. Mom was singing to her. This is a picture to treasure even though if mom knew I put her picture on here, she would literally KILL me...

Ok, it's Mallory's turn. This baby girl is just a mess. The funniest thing is, she looks just like I did when I was a baby and she has MANY of my traits. It's funny to watch. She is much more like me than either of my own children. I got one of her and mom, too. Mom wasn't happy about it but again, it's a treasure to me. It's so funny to see her with these girls. She's so protective with them. It's completely different of the way she is or was with my kids. She was completely different with my brother and I, too. Humm, I'll have to give that one some more thought.

I guess you can tell, I love me some babies! After all of the work in the mulch department tonight, we decided to hire it done. That's great, it gives me more time to play with all of these kiddos!
Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend. Cherish every moment! I know I will.
Hug those babies and don't forget to say, I LOVE YOU. One day, it will be too late.

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