Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing A Little Catch Up!

Oh my goodness. I have been WAY to busy. I'm so behind. Normally I would just say screw it and start over, but I've been having so much fun I don't want to forget it. Talladega was AWESOME. We were IN the wreck which just happened to be my FAVORITE driver, Carl Edwards. Talk about some serious excitement. I am so thankful no one was seriously hurt. It was absolutely crazy. I cried and was screaming, "Get out of the car Carl, Get out of the Car!" Of course, now that's a big joke around here. Jeff and Rohn say it all the time to make fun of me.
I took about a gazillion pictures. You know me, even though I'm having a great time at the "event" my mind wanders on to many other things around me. Let me just tell you, at Talladega, there are thousands of things for you to wander off to. It is a people watching extravaganza!!!
Jeff found him a couple of hotties as soon as we got there. All of my hotties were getting ready for the race so I had to settle on their trucks.

Is it just me or is Mark Martin blushing?

Look at those teeth! He is the BOMB! Check out my cut off shorts!! I learned last year that you DON'T wear a dress to Talledega. Pretty much anything goes there, including nudity, but the dress was a MAJOR faux pas and the necklaces I wore didn't help any. (Besides, they caused tan lines I had to deal with all summer....lesson learned)

That's a picture of my ticket on the way in. I was already getting bored with the long lines. We had no idea that ticket would turn out to be in one of the most exciting sections ever in NASCAR history.

Now that's a lot of rednecks!

Honey, It's time to retire the Hooters get up!! Ya'll, she wasn't kidding. I think she stole her granddaughters work uniform and wore it to the race. She OBVIOUSLY has no friends. That's always a joke with me. I say if you have true friends, they don't let you go out like this, especially when you have your beer goggles on.

Redneck Chic. Race T's and plaid shorts!


Crack anyone?This gentleman had 17 piercings but I could only see 9! He made me a little uncomfortable.

This was a VERY popular look!

Dude was STARVING.

Is that Anoop? This gentleman stuck out like a sore thumb. You just don't see too many collars turned up at a NASCAR event!

The end was getting near and these knuckleheads were cracking me up with their rally caps!

Ladies, you should leave some things to the ole imagination.

I actually liked this tat.

This made me throw up in my mouth.

That's all the pic fun for tonight. When you get this many pictures going it takes a long time to sort them all out. I actually have pics of the cars and the race, too if anyone is interested. I'll have more later this week.
We went to an awesome local dirt track the night before the race and I got pictures there too. It could be a long week of picture posts a la Kacy. I've also been to a 3 year old T-Ball game and birthday party this past week. Too much fun.



Missy said...

Okay, so the next time you go PLEASE take me with you. I would have so much fun watching my family, I mean the hoosiers lol. The Hooters kidding me??! Someone really needed to let her know that is just not right. There should be a sign at the entrance that you are subject to being denied based on your appearance....well if that happened there wouldn't be much of a crowd now would there. I about fell on the floor with your crack pic, that was good. Then the last one, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ewwwwwwwww someone is desperate!
Glad you guys had a good time, and looks like hubby enjoyed those hotties....Next time I wanna go, cuz we would have a blast making fun of the peeps. How is the house selling going? Work??

RADstitches said...

OH DEAR JESUS that is SO freaking funny! I would go to that just to watch the PEOPLE! That is my kind of outting! MORE PICTURES GIRL!!!!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey Kacy. That was a trip! Glad you took so many pictures. Made me feel like I was there! Only, I am not sure I wanted to be! G-R-O-S-S! Todd went a few years back and swears I would love it. I am, a people watcher, so perhaps he is right. Y'all coming to the Shake? Same band! Woop woop!

KKGrimmer said...

Well, I thought I left a message yesterday, but I don't see it here! The pictures cracked me up! My husband goes to the Texas race, but didn't take any pictures...imagine that! So thanks for sharing yours!

Hope your Mom is improving!