Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Stuff

I'm gonna be all caught up by the time the weekend is over. I have made the commitment. Man, we have had a lot going on the last few weeks. I'm ready for some "down" time. I wonder what that really is?!

Tonight, Savannah and I are in my room watching Talldega Nights. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I promise I actually have some depth in my life. Going back and reading my blog, it doesn't appear that way. I was cruising around some other blogs in the last few days and noticing the different things people write about. I don't really have a theme. I guess I don't really want one. These are just the true days of my life. Some days are better than others. Some days are funnier than others and some days there is just nothing new to really report. I decided going private defeated the purpose of what I wanted out of my blog experience. So here we are....I people watch and enjoy stupid movies.

I moved a recliner into my bedroom tonight. I know, that sounds sexy, huh? HA. It's the same turquoise recliner I lived in when I had pneumonia. I have NO idea where this chair came from. It was in the game room and I had Jeff bring it down when I got sick last fall. My back and hips have been hurting terribly. Last night, I couldn't sleep. By 5 this morning, I was up crying. This has been a rough week. I made the decision today that I was going to have to call the doctor and go on in. I was doing much better (I thought) before this increase in MTX. They said my hands were showing more damage, but I felt good and my hands weren't bothering me!!! We are going to have to find some medium ground. My appointment isn't until July. I was trying to wait but I don't think I can take much more. I spent the day in the car today so I am really stiff. We drove to Dyersburg for Logan and Tiffany's shower. I have to say they are about THE cutest couple I have ever seen. Tonight I'm gonna try sleeping in this chair. (HA, I'm all over the board tonight!)

I think tomorrow is Rhett's REAL birthday, but his party was last weekend. It was at the Children's Museum which is awesome. The kids had a blast.

First they had some YUMMY cake and ice cream!!

Birthday Boy!! Happy Birthday Rhett!






Were these babies loving their cake and ice cream or what?

Rhett and one of his little buddies got into a small food fight, but hey, what's a good party without one?

Look at this angel. I wish I knew her name. Ashley, help me on this one. This is Alicia's daughter. She and Ashley have been friends since at least Junior High or at least I remember her from way back then. This is her gorgeous little girl. She wasn't so sure about me taking her picture, but I couldn't resist a shot at those baby blues.

And then it was time for presents....

Ty was a huge help.

Nash took off with the butterfly net and caught Judd.

Nash got mad when everyone starting laughing. HA.

The kids really enjoyed the "River Exhibit".

Ty liked playing dress up!!! How cute was he?

They had one of those old photo booths. Ashley and I looked at each other and took off. We have pictures of us from when we were little girls in a photo booth somewhere. We had to get in there! Did you know those things actually take debit cards now. I'm gonna go back and find some of the great pictures from my lifetime taken in a photo booth.

We were in there acting like fools, which is pretty normal for us and trying to make Jeff stay out of there because we didn't want anybody else to see us acting so stupid. Then they informed us that there was a big monitor on top of the booth and everyone in the museum could see us. HA.

Good Times Rhett. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!

We still don't have a TV in the hearth room yet. Well actually we have two right now...

One that looks nice but doesn't work.... and.....

one that does. Gosh, that brings back memories of the early days of marriage.

Here is a random picture of the kiddos. They have already started swimming everyday. Lately, that's been in the rain.

They helped Jeff get the furniture out of the pool. The liner appears to be ok and so does my hardwood in the dining room. The roof got fixed that day thank goodness. Now we just need some ceiling and sheet rock repair and a little paint and we will be good to go. I'm not in any hurry. Now is not a good time to be trying to sell a house. The sign is still up but nothing is happening. The realtor still wants us to lower the price. We explained to him again last week that we don't HAVE to sell it and right now we aren't willing to give it away. We go to court next month to let the judge decide what needs to be done with it and the legal mess with Aunt J. We are so over it at this point we don't care. If we stay, we stay. If we don't, we want something smaller. We don't want to leave the street because of all of the friends we have here but it could be a blessing in disguise. We have two more years before we are worried about schools and making that decision for the kids. If we are forced to sell to settle the title issues, we would buy where we would want the kids in school for Jr and High. (That changed after we bought this lot and we were NOT happy about it.) It's kind of sad to us still when we think about all of the planning and hard work that went into building this house and now we have NO attachment to it whatsoever. We planned every corner of this house and planned to stay here so long that this was where our grandchildren would come to visit us and they could sleep in their parent's rooms. I can honestly say that if it sold tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear. Oh good thing this mess taught me was that material things don't mean a thing and they sure don't make you happy. It's love and family that makes me happy and I can have that anywhere.

I've been watching this stupid movie while I've been blogging and I got curious about where one could find a Crystal Gayle T shirt if they wanted one. With one little click on Google, there she was.

If I knew how to link I would provide you one but,,,,,,I can't figure it out and Jeff went went to Tunica tonight.

Peace until tomorrow!



Missy said...

HUGE hugs Kacy, I am so so sorry you are feeling so awful. I cannot fathom what you are enduring. Wish I could take ya out for a nice body massage!
I too love Talladaga Nights, my daughter and I have watched that 324234 times. I am so jealous of the pool. We had an inground pool in our last house and I miss it more than anything.
I get totally what you are saying about your house. I will have to email you about our issues though. I hope it all works out for the best, whatever it may be. I know you will be happy with whatever happens, you are a strong woman! Hang in there and I am praying for a peaceful sleep tonight and no aches

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

i hope u are feeling better today---love you!!!oh and alisha's beautiful baby is Callie