Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Warrior!!

I'm so proud. I've actually stayed moving ALL weekend long and am filling strangely fulfilled from everything I got done. The last few weeks have just depressed me because I haven't gotten anything done. While my house is still MO' NASTY, I got some other stuff done that I WANTED to do and that I enjoyed doing. Now, I am slap ass worn out! I never said I was Wonder Woman, but it's that good kind of worn out. Not that fatigued worn out. Yesterday, I woke up pretty stiff and my lower back pain was back. Today was about the same. I figured as the roids tapered off, that's what would happen. That's how it was, before I was diagnosed and that was part of what led me down the arthritis path. But, it is nothing like it was before and despite the hot flashes that come crashing in with roids, I've actually been sleeping some. ANYWAY, I'll stay on top of it. I refuse to just hurt the way I was before. I decided I'd rather deal with the weight and feel better, than try to stay off the steroids for vanity reasons. I'll just have to get a bathing suit with a skirt on it this year! WHATEVER!!

I started a "weekend project" that didn't get completely finished within the time frame. There were too many fun distractions this weekend, BUT, it's almost done! I decided to give my backyard a makeover! IT NEEDS IT. I took before pictures, so I can share before and after! We aren't quite "after" yet, but I'll be ready this week. There was a huge craft fair in Hernando this weekend that took up quite a bit of time on Saturday and then Saturday night, Savannah's best friends parents had a HUGE neighborhood party and Jeff stayed over there singing karaoke until a little after 11. I have been painting my patio furniture and I made (YES, I sewed) new covers for all of my patio furniture cushions!! (No patterns were involved and I haven't told anyone or anything to Jump up my Ass!) THINK BRIGHT COLORS. Last year, I bought bright colored umbrellas for around the pool and I loved them. They just made me happy to look at! So, I decided to stick with that theme. We'll see how it turns out. My back yard is always full of kids and I know they don't care. Today, in the midst of all of it, I thought some of this looks kinda childish. But, who wants stuffy outdoor furniture around a pool that you are scared to sit on because it looks so nice? So far, I have $55 invested in the makeover. If I hate it, I think I'll recover.

Before I "forget", I have to document what I did today. It might be funny in a couple of days, and everyone else has already been laughing about it, but I wasn't.....

Savannah and I went to Home Depot today in Southaven. I had some paint I had bought yesterday that wasn't working and I needed to return it and get some more and I wanted some flowers to plant. So, we got there and returned my stuff and went and picked out our paint colors and headed out to the garden center to look at flowers while our paint was being mixed. We got all of our stuff and checked out about an hour after we arrived. We were heading to the truck (I drive a Suburban) and I was digging in the bottomless pit I call a purse for my keys. It usually takes me a minute to find them, but this minute was getting me nowhere. Savannah and I sat down in the furniture they had for sale out front and emptied my purse. NO KEYS. Yesterday, I had driven Myrtle and left them in the car but I thought, no way I did that today. You have to lock the doors with the clicker. I figured I must have left them at the customer service desk when I was doing my return. So, we went back around there and NO KEYS. NO KEYS anywhere in the store. I was getting a little frustrated at this point and said, "Come on Savannah. Maybe I left them in the truck." The whole time I knew I couldn't have done that, but there was no where else to look. Well, when we got to the truck, sure enough, I had left them in the truck, in the ignition WITH THE TRUCK STILL RUNNING. WHAT? Am I losing my mind? I have NEVER even lost a set of keys and once when I was 23, I had a rental car and I locked my keys in it. I have NEVER done anything like this! I didn't even turn the son of a biscuit eater off!! So, of course now, I'm freaked out about my mental state. I came straight home and haven't left again. I'm honestly, a little scared to. That was NO GOOD.

Savannah has a friend spending the night again tonight. I know it's a school night, but this week doesn't really count anyway. They are in the same class at school and she lives three doors down.

Ok, so the "girlfriend". This just exhausts me! I don't even know how to tell this story and get across the emotion and disdain that is SO wrong for me to have for a child. I have REALLY struggled with this situation.....

Jeff called me Friday while I was still in Memphis with my Grandmother and told me that a child had approached him and said, "Hey Mr. Acree. Did you know I was dating your son?" Jeff said, "Ummm, I think I heard something along those lines." She said, "Well, I just wanted to make sure that was ok with you. The boy's parents I dated before said we couldn't date anymore." Jeff said, "Well, it's not me you need to worry about, it's Mrs. Kacy." (Thanks Jeff!) The little girl asked if I was going to be there and Jeff told her I was on my way. The whole time I was thinking, I know this little turkey is not going to have the cohoneas (I don't know how you spell that version of balls) to come talk to me like that so I'm not even going to worry about it. (My eyebrows are raising up as I sit and type this at 10 minutes to midnight two days later!) BOY, was I wrong. I was sitting enjoying a nice little picnic with my family when she came over and introduced herself to me and told me she was the one dating my son. I said, "No mam, actually you aren't dating my son. Dalton isn't interested in "dating" at 10 years old and I really think you should find something else to occupy your mind at this age as well. I think you and Dalton can be friends and see each other at school, but that's where it's going to end for now." She said, "AWWW come on, that's what all parents say." I said, "Honey, one day, you'll understand what I'm talking about it and if you aren't careful, that day may be here sooner than you think." Then I turned to Dalton and asked if he was okay with that. He said, "That's fine with me. You know she calls me too much anyway." I turned Dalton's cell phone off about a week ago and yesterday the little girl called and left 19 messages for Savannah. Today, she called again and I told her that was it. If she called again, I would have no choice but to talk to her parents about this. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Where are this child's parents? Am I over reacting? My son isn't even interested. He just doesn't want to hurt any ones feelings but this chick gets on his nerves. It's just not right and if I EVER knew my daughter was acting, calling, and talking to adults that way, I'd lock her happy ass up in the storm shelter and she'd never see the light of day again. This child had a chest the size of Texas! OHHHH NOO! Not my baby boy. Not yet anyway. Just not a good thing. Good God.

I've got to get to bed now!!! I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm breaking the cycle of taking Monday's off! I'm determined.

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melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey Kacy. Had to look back and read a little as I was cracking up! All that "jumping up my ass" and all. You are seriously cracking me up, Kacy! So screw patterns! Melanie

P.S. And I have a little neighbor kid who wants to date your son!

Jusssssssst kidding!