Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!
It's 11:16 and this bodacious bod of mine is pooped!! Thanks to the drug habit I'm forming, my mind is still more than willing to keep going. Constant struggle!!
The camera battery died tonight which would not be a big deal if I hadn't done such a great job of hiding my card reader from myself. (I refuse to say I lost it.) I just misplaced it really well. I have lots of new pictures of all of today's festivities and all of the stuff I've been making. I even made myself some new jammies which I have on tonight. LOVE NEW JAMMIES.
I think I've done 18 loads of laundry in the past two days. I got all of those toilets cleaned and even mopped the downstairs!! But now my fridge smells like a baby diaper. I couldn't even handle that tonight. Maybe I'll get around to figuring it out tomorrow. HA. Unless, I forget. I decided today that all of those weight lifting people aren't really dumb. They just seem that way because of all the roids they do. This stuff is just plain crazy.
And, note to Jeff, if you are reading....I know we've been married a long time and all, but telling me you "Need to ride the donkey" just doesn't do anything for me. Is romance really dead? Come on, babe. Try a little harder than that.



RADstitches said...

OMG no he DIDN'T!!!

Missy said...

OMG he di'int?? I think I might of kicked him like a donkey....that is just plain ole wrong Jeffy pooo....
Try a little wine, candles and romance animal references to us women..damn that is funny

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is not right, it's funny, but it aint right!! He's a character!he is so funny!! Bradley has such a sense of humor his stick them together....they make my stomach hurt from laughing so much! I LOVE your furniture covers!!!! And all that you have done out there. So bright and pretty! Have a safe and fun trip!!!!!!!!! Love, Maria