Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big Girl Panties

I am searching for my big girl panties! I desperately need to put them on. Roids are trying to take over and I'm getting tired of fighting them. HA. Today (and yesterday) has just been one of those. Ya know? You know you are not in a good mood and no matter what you do to try to turn it around, it doesn't work!! I think I'm gonna see if a little sitting outside with a large glass of Sangria might cure my ailment! Shopping didn't even help! You know that's a bad sign. My lovely Jeffie Poo is stuck in the past and insists on having a new pair of Birkenstocks. First of all, he WON'T go shopping with me nor will he take care of this himself. One might ask, if that's the case, why do I even care? That would be because he is wearing a pair of gray flip flops from dollar general that the dogs have chewed on and they honestly don't seem to bother him. He wears them with everything. I have brought home every pair of flip flops in the county in various fabrics, leathers and plaids and he won't have them. SO, after an exhausting day of shopping and getting nowhere, I'm going to look online and see what I can come up with.

Yesterday, I got run over by the golf cart in the garage. Jeff put water in the batteries???? I don't know why one might do such a thing and apparently it wasn't a smart thing to do. I walked out the door into the garage (which I NEVER go that way) and the golf cart just took off into me. There wasn't even anyone on it. It pinned me between the bumper and the trash cans and slammed us all into the back wall of the garage and took a big chunk of sheetrock out. It could have been much worse. I lost some skin on both feet and heels (those damn flip flops). The tires were just spinning and one of the neighbor kids ran over and hit the brake on it. A few tears later, I had a beer. Today, I feel more like a pickup truck hit me than the golf cart.

My house is silent at the moment. SOMETIMES, that's a good thing!!! The kids and Jeff have gone fishing. I'm trying to talk myself into getting up and cleaning this house. That talk is not going real well right now. I have laundry the size of Mt. Everest that has to get done by the end of the weekend and we are having people over Monday for the holiday. See why I need my Big Girl Panties.....

Wednesday, we are heading to Dallas. We are gonna spend a couple of days there and go to Six Flags. Then we are heading to Canton. I can't wait!!!

UGGGHHH, I have passed into the next phase of life. I bought a ONE piece bathing suit!! This poor bod!! It has seen some better days. I tried on bathing suits for hours and it just wasn't going to work so I bit the bullet and went with the all black with some very forgiving ruching (spell check doesn't like that word)!! I LOVE IT. Now, I don't have to worry if my gut is hanging out! As of yesterday, I'm back on high dose Prednisone. My joints are in rough shape. It works out just in time for me to bloat up really big right before Jeff's 20 year reunion! What Fun!!! (I hope you can read sarcasm) His reunion is in two or three weeks.

I am going in Tuesday for a TB skin test and we are going to start some of the "biologics". Enbrel is what we are looking at. The doctors office has to get approval from the insurance company first. That is one of the drugs on their "preferred" list, so we'll see how that goes.

The kids are having a blast already being out of school. My house is like Grand Central. They are already soooo tan. They are in and out of the pool constantly. Several times, I'll walk out there and there are just kids in the pool. Not mine. Just kids. We haven't heard from the GF anymore. Whew, that one was a little fast for me.

I'm off to the land of toilet brushes. 6 bathrooms is overkill!



RADstitches said...

You just make me LAUGH girl!! And yes.. 6 bathrooms? I would have to set fire to some of them myself! YUCK! Hope you can find those big girl panties soon!

Missy said...

Jesus, 6 bathrooms...Umm, I would be locking and banning 3 of them lol.
I got some big ass granny panties if you want me to send you some. They are large but in charge though.
How the heck did the golf cart get so possessed? Like it was waiting for you to walk out there and get you. Seriously, glad you are okay.
I haven't been to the gym in several weeks but its back this week. I missed due to my kidney issues and I needed the break.
I hope you find the sandals you are wanting for dh, I have btdt, mine hates sandals so he wears tennis shoes and looks like Erkel! Good thing we love our men
Oh and btw I thought you were coming to Six Flags here in Missouri???My neck of the woods!