Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mothers Day

Happy Belated Mothers Day
I know I'm late. It's my nature except for when it came to pregnancies. I had a lot of difficulty being late then. But, ALL prayers are answered (not all exactly as we want them to be, but answered none the less) and mine were answered with two incredible children. We had a much needed "lazy" day around here. AND, I got a new toy!!
Oh Boy!!! I just salivate when I see it!! Last night, I made this... It took all of 15 minutes to put together with a sewing machine. Much better than the first one I made with that tiny little machine that ran on batteries. Today, I bought a pattern to make some pillows and it just made me mad. I'm not sure I can do patterns. That's a little too "structured" for me. I couldn't figure it out and got frustrated and set it aside. I think when I go back to it, I'm gonna scrap the pattern and just put the sucker together. Maybe, I'm a design know like those musical people that just know it but can't read music. Hummmm....we'll go with that for now. HA

Today, Pleasant Hill Elementary, aka Dalton and Savannah's crizzle, had a little pep rally. They are taking their state exams (MCT) for the next three days. The closing act for the Pep Rally was the JONAS BROTHERS WITH BIG ROB, aka Jeff Acree, Chris Perry, Craig Kern and Kacy Acree as Big Rob! We sang Burning UP!

Hopefully, I'll have some video to share soon. I did good to get a picture. When you are rapping on stage, it's a little hard to be in charge of photography. We had a blast and the kids thought it was great! Ours didn't kill us if you can believe that. I'm glad they still enjoy the fact that we are total fools.

This was one of my precious fans. This is my sweet friend Riley. She lives three doors down and told me she was very proud of me. Her dad is Craig and he was on stage with us, too.

OH and update...Alicia's daughter's name is CALLIE!

Saturday, we spent the day in Dyersburg visiting with family at my cousin Logan and his Bride to Be's Couple Shower. They are major cute and I had little tears when I saw them. I used to change this baby's diapers and feed him and rock him to sleep. I can't believe he is getting married, but Tiffany is BEAUTIFUL.

Look at all of those gifts and she registered for the coolest stuff!! I hear we are going to have a new decorator in the family!!! From what I saw, she has GREAT taste.

I think Logan was pretty pumped somebody was thinking about his needs and got him a Lowe's Gift Card. Jackpot. I doubt he was too excited about the lamp I gave them. Sorry Sweetie. The brides choices usually win. Get used to it.

Looks like the honeymoon might be fun!!!

Congratulations you two!!

Of course there were plenty of kids there, too and I had to get some pictures. Savannah went with Mom and I and we stopped on the way out of town to pick up my niece, Mallory. She was so good all day!

Rhett made the trip. He had a blast playing with his cousins. He and Tori really hit it off. Tori is Logan's little sister. My cousin Kim adopted Tori when she was just a couple of weeks old. Isn't it great how God puts people in lives even when we don't expect it? Logan was Kim's youngest until Tori came along!

That's my sweet Uncle Jamie. He is Tori's Grandad. You know, I didn't even ask what she calls him. I have to find that out. The shower was at his house and he came home before everybody left. I don't think he could resist seeing all the kids. Can you tell, he's a big SUCKER?!

Much love guys.

I didn't work again today. It took most of my energy to make it to the school for this little skit and I'm heading back to bed. I don't know what is up with this bod! I do know it is losing weight. THAT IS A GOOD THING! I called today and am going in tomorrow for them to draw labs and schedule an appointment to come in and see the doctor when my labs come back. Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this. I told Jeff today, I feel like I've lost a day each week and I never get caught up. This is the third Monday in a row I didn't work. I really don't know what I would do if I had a real job! I guess I do have a real job, I just own it so I have flexibility with myself. I'm determined to get back to feeling good, ALL of the time. (and I'm determined to figure out how to get the fringy balls sewn on this damn pillow, too.)(Do you ever wonder why we have hobbies that frustrate the hell out of us?)(Do you ever get stuck on a parenthesis binge?)

Have a good week. We have a busy one with testing and end of the school year parties and celebrations. We are trying to plan a trip to St. Louis for our annual trek to Six Flags. We are hoping to fit it in at the end of the month and surprise the kiddos. We do that every year. We pack their stuff and tell them we have errands or something to run and just leave. I'm so glad they are still young and don't FREAK out on us when we do it. They love it and have already been speculating about where they will be whisked away to this year.

Oh, I almost forgot....the girlfriend didn't make it over to the neighbors Friday. Thank Goodness. AND, Dalton has turned his cell phone off. He said he still likes her but she calls him WAY to much and he guesses he's just gonna have to tell her that!! (SMALL WIN FOR MOMMY) I think I'm gonna have to give him a list of pre approved girls:) Is that allowed?




Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are still feeling bad! I hate that for you! That sis the cutest picture of Mal Mal and her hugging!!:) Oh and I could tell you were losing weight when you dropped Mal off. You always look great! I'm glad you had a Happy Mother's day. I texted you that day. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "That is" the cutest picture...not that sis? sorry

melanie, aka Mo said...

(Hey, Kacy.) (What's up?) (Can you believe how much fun it is to sew?) (It is my newest favorite hobby too.) (I will have to show you what I learned at my art retreat this weekend regarding a sewing machine.) (and I often overdo the parentheses too! ) (I totally got what you were saying there!) Mel