Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

...And all is as it should be.... we made it home!!
And the kids have already hit the pool, mine and some others from the neighborhood....

Sorry for the dark pictures, but it was dark when we got home.
AND some of my flowers bloomed.

It is so great to be home. But we had a WONDERFUL vacation. Let me fill you in...BUT FIRST you've got to visit (Ashley's Blog) and see what Joseph was up to around the house while we were out of town. He apparently threw a pool party while we were gone. I tell you what, he is really some kind of character.
HA. Ashley, you are a total NUT.

Let me see if I can pick up where I left off..

We returned for the second day at Six Flags and again had a blast. We got there when the park opened at 10:30 Friday morning. We hit all of our favorite rides first because it looked like the park was going to be considerably more crowded. We found out that was the last day of school in Texas. It turned out to be fine. It was a little more crowded than Thursday but still not too bad. My back was REALLY hurting by late in the afternoon. I ended up finding a bench very strategically located between the Acme Rocket and Tony Hawks Super Spin and AquaMan. I parked it there for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours while Jeff and the kids rode stuff and occasionally checked in with me. I had a blast people watching. Oh the stories I could have told if I had had my camera with me. There are some interesting folks in an amusement park.

We left the park about 6:45 and headed out for MidEvil Times. It was a dinner show in Dallas. Dalton had seen a brochure for it in the hotel lobby. We called for pricing and reservations on Thursday and were disappointed to find that it would it cost our family of four over $200 for this event. HUMMM, should we or shouldn't we? We decided against it. Later that night, back at the hotel, the Budget Nazi found a COUPON and we made reservations and paid only $118. Hell YEAH! Dalton loved the show. They split us up into "teams" and we were each assigned a colored knight. We were on the Green Knight team. He ended up being the bad guy but we loved him just the same. Dalton got his autograph after the show and we snapped a picture of Savannah with the Princess on Jeff's phone. We actually snapped pictures throughout the day with Jeff's phone but he won't download them for me tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

We returned to the hotel about 11 Friday night and I was in tears by then. My back felt like it was just broken. I soaked in a hot tub and put one of those ThermaCare Heat Wraps on. It felt much better the next morning and we packed up and headed to Canton. Oh, the night before, my OCD totally kicked in and I had to wash all of our clothes. Yes, the hotel had a laundromat and I couldn't help it. I have a sickness. Jeff stayed up until 2 with me, but we got it done.

Canton was incredible and overwhelming all at the same time. I loved it but my kids HATED it. I gave up after about 4 hours. It just wasn't worth it. I was so glad I endured two days of everything they wanted to do only to have them act like horses patooties, BUT, I'll just go back another time without them. We didn't plan to leave there as early as we did, so we didn't really know what we were gonna do or where we were gonna stay. We got on the road and headed toward Tyler Texas. It sounded like a good place to visit. We immediately found a Horse Show which seemed to be what folks did around those parts.

This was such a beautiful place....

If I'm not mistaken, those last two were the fellow that won. They won $25,000.

Apparently, when you go to the horse show, you have to turn your collar up. I didn't get that, but all of the men either had on a long sleeve shirts and a tie or they had their collars turned up.

After this, we checked into a scrumptious hotel for a much needed shower and some good sleep.

HA. I found this picture. Aren't ya'll glad I decided to join my Hooters on my trip to Canton. Good God! I think they have their own weather system. They are bigger than my kids heads!

Oh, and, I finished yet another Nicholas Sparks novel. I heard someone on television say that his books were for all of those out there who have connect the dot emotions. I don't know exactly what that means, but I guess they were talking about me. Oh well.

I'm out for the night. It's back to reality tomorrow.

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Missy said...

I am so sorry your back was hurting you so bad on the trip. I am with ya on the people watching, isn't it hilarious..makes ya feel quite normal and think you are a hot mamma after seeing what is out there. Some people just should look in the mirror before they leave their house. Was the weather good??
Sounds like an overall relaxing time for you all. Glad you are back and love the hooters woo hoo!