Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflections of a Long Day

I finally got Jeff to give me the pictures off of his phone. I couldn't bring myself to carry my big camera around the park with me. I wanted to, but I like to ride rides and I'm NOT about to lay my prized possession down for just anybody to pick up and walk off with. SO...above is SavyG with the Princess from the MidEvil Times Show. Savannah thought she was gorgeous! (and she was)
This was my kiddos soaking wet after getting off of AquaMan. We were all drenched. I didn't have a dry place on my body, but considering it was 93 degrees, it was AWESOME.

Savannah found a cool little hat shop and really liked this one. HA.

This was the view from my bench I spent the afternoon on. I forgot to mention it was also right in between a Dippin Dots booth and a Homemade Lemonade Stand. I had it made. Dalton rode this rocket 8 times in a row.

Gotta love Foghorn!

Daffy is my favorite. I made Jeff park in the Daffy Duck section everyday. Since his favorite number is 7, we parked in Daffy Duck 7 both days. We could have parked closer but you gotta stick with the things you love.
YES, I was people watching and even made Jeff entertain me and take a picture of this girls shirt. I LOVE IT. Savannah has one with a sequined and beaded smiley face but this was the first peace sign I saw.
It was a LONG day today. Dalton and Savannah got into a horrible fight first thing this morning while I was getting ready for work. I honestly thought someone was in the den on the far side of the house trying to kill her. I was in my bathroom on the opposite end of the house getting ready when I heard the scariest sound ever coming from far away. I instantly broke into a hot flash and my legs went numb and tingly all at the same time. I had to make them work and took off running for the den. The whole time I was preparing myself for what I might find. I was afraid, the way she had been screaming, that someone had broken into the house and must have a knife to her throat. When I got there, white as a ghost, I found out that Dalton had hit the Info button on the remote to find out how much time was left in her show before he could watch his. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He didn't even change the channel. I screamed at both of them and made her go get dressed and told her she was coming to work with me. She wasn't happy about it at the time, but I think in the long run she had fun. That was not what I was trying to accomplish. I made Dalton clean his room including out from under his bed and he must have had the fear of God put in him, because he even cleaned out his closet and got all of the clothes that were too small out AND cleaned his game room AND his bathroom. KIDS???!!!!
Did I mention last night that both my kids made Principal's List for the year? I am SO proud.
That little 4 word sentence does not do it justice.
Today, on my way to work, I had all but decided it was time to quit my job. I needed to spend more time at home with my kids and my family. After working all day and thinking more and more about it and enjoying my work, I think tonight I am realizing that my kids are growing up and they don't need me, I need them. I have been in this ongoing internal battle with myself about them and about me, too and what makes me happy and what is best for them. I still don't have it all figured out, but am thinking about trying to split the difference for awhile and see if it helps. I'm thinking about going to a "3 Day Work Week". I work everyday. I don't have to be in the office to be working. When you own your own business you are always working. Everything you do, in some way or somehow feeds back into your business and your mind is always working or thinking about what can be done to drive your bottom line. I am fully set up at home to work from here, but I wonder if allowing myself the "mental" break would least through the summer. I don't like leaving the kids everyday and there being so much time while I'm away for them to veg out or learn things I don't want them learning. They are going to VBS next week. That will keep them occupied for a bit and give me more time to think about all of this. I need to talk it over with Jeff, too. He's always pretty supportive, but we haven't had the time today and we've both had a lot on our minds.
Tomorrow morning at 9 we have to be in court for a hearing about the mess with Aunt J. We filed a counter suit last month against all parties involved and they made a motion to have our counter suit thrown out. We found that out the day we left for vacation. Needless to say, we both left feeling like we were going to throw up, but we've been told by numerous people who know the legal system much better than we do, that this is more than likely a ridiculous formality. After all, they can't stop us from filing suit. We may have to just sue instead of counter sue but that one way or another it would be admitted. At least that's what our legal team tells us. SO, it's off to court we go. I doubt either of us will sleep well tonight. We are just still praying for an end to the mess. We don't even care what the outcome is anymore...sell the house or don't sell the house. Just be done with it and STOP costing us every extra dime we make. We are so ready to feel like we are living our lives again instead of living this holding pattern we've been living for the last year. It is hard on both of us in different ways. Most of the time I would say it is harder on Jeff than it is on me, but I think he would say it's harder on me.
I've decided that one of my new pet peeves is that Blogger puts your post time as the time you start your post not the time you finish it. I think it should be the other way around. Some of those longs ones with lots of pictures take hours. Just something else I was thinking about.
Are you watching So You Think You Can Dance? It's one of my favorites!!! It only comes on this time every year which is NO good because I have to wait a long time between seasons, but I love the show. It gives me chill bumps. I've been catching up on it from when we were out of town.
SavyG is spending the night down the street with some friends and going to their VBS tomorrow. Hope she makes it through the night. She doesn't always. I'm gonna try to catch some ZZZ's.

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