Tuesday, June 16, 2009

59 Days and Counting

As of today, we officially have 59 days to find a new house, buy it and move!! Sound Fun? If you answered yes, please send me whatever you are smoking!! HA. I spent the day looking AGAIN, and at one point thought I had found it. You can only imagine the let down to see the sellers disclosure and find out it had "structural issues" and essentially will need to be torn down. No Thanks. I did marry a General Contractor, but that is out of our scope.
Jeff and I have spent the last two hours on the computer. We have now officially worked through all of the HUD's, VA's and bank owned properties in Desoto County. So much for a deal. We have now asked for the help of our realtor and are even looking at a few possibilities in surrounding counties. Pretty much everything is some sort of deal in this economy, but considering this house hasn't sold and the "deal" we are cutting with good ole Aunt J leaves us with all of our equity still tied up....we sort of feel like we are starting over. Starting over with hind sight is a hard thing to do. BUT, I can say this, it will all be over SOON and I can't wait. I have no idea where we are going but I couldn't be happier to be doing it.
It is hot as heck! and by the way, 8lbs in 5 weeks. HOW 'BOUT THEM TATERS? HA, sounds like a few too many taters for Kacy. Stress used to make me a size 2. I would get stressed and my family would get all concerned thinking I was anorexic or something. The only 2 in this size is the one in the 12!! (I'm closing in on that one.)
Stella STILL has a cough and she is almost finished with her medication. Ethel smells like ass and Izzy bit the neighbor tonight. I don't blame her. If I was a dog and could have gotten away with it, I would have bit her, too. (I know that seemed to come out of nowhere, but they are all laying on me right now.)
I'm heading to bed early tonight!! It's only 10 after 10. My family, including my husband, is addicted to cartoon shows and I just can't take them anymore. I just started yet another Nicholas Sparks story. This one is The Guardian. I read three others in three days last week. I read Nights in Rodanthe (which was MUCH better than the movie), A Bend in the Road (decent), and Three Weeks With My Brother (my least favorite but very insightful). Oh, and I read that stupid arthritis book. I go through spells of reading. I'll probably quit when we move and it will take me awhile to feel settled enough to sit down and read again. SO, I've got to hurry up and finish this one.
OK, the stuff I cleaned out of my closet is officially for sale. The closet is open. Sizes 2, 4, and 6....Let me know if you want to come shop. It's ALL got to go. I am not moving any of it.


Missy said...

OMG a tornado was nearby?! I think if shit started flying I would have FREAKED...seriously i probably would of had a stroke..YIKES! Glad you are okay though.
Sooo, the house dealio sounds like a frigging mess...I will pray,pray,pray for you and the family. That you will find a house that will become your home, that its something you all like and everything you want and need. I cant fathom the pressure you are under...I am so sorry!!
How are you feeling, hows the bod feeling, besides the weight issue? Are the kids enjoying the summer so far? Did you find your mom lol?

melanie, aka Mo said...

Kacy, you are a trip! i just read through your last several posts. Are you trippin'?! My words won't mean crap, and because of your bluntness, I am expecting a "go to hell", but you are beautiful, and I hate to hear you tear yourself up! I wish i could do something to help you and make you feel better, not only physically, but also just plain ol' about yourself! Ok... so about the tattoo! You will be super sad to know that THREE were donated to the Shake this year. Can you believe that?! Ha. A $300 tattoo, and two $200 tattoos. I think they could do "This too shall pass" for a little less than $200, don't you think!?

We will definitely be missing y'all this year! Maybe next time! Melanie

Missy said...

girl are you okay, have you clicked your heels 3 times and ran away???
Mo is so right, you are beautiful and I wish you saw that....
Just checking in on you and seeing how things were going..