Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a Few Random Thoughts

Can you say exhausted? I'm so overwhelmed, I don't know where to begin, SO lets try a list....
1. We ARE moving! Last we heard this a.m.....I think in 60 days. (That doesn't mean we are happy about it or that it was all the way we wanted it to be, BUT, it will happen.)
2. We are clueless about WHERE we are moving to. We bid on a foreclosure last night and lost it by $2000. That stunk b/c that would have been a huge load off the ole mind.
3. Friday, we survived an F2 Tornado that took out the middle school about 3/4 of mile from our house. We were out back trying to secure patio furniture that was blowing sideways across the backyard straight for the pool when our ears started popping and the water in the pool started lifting out in peaks!! WICKED.
4. The tornado caused a claims nightmare for me at work and lots of overtime.
5. We lost power from about 5 on Friday and didn't get it back until about 4 on Saturday (which only made the claims nightmare even worse.)
6. All of this was going on during Jeff's 20th Year High School Reunion Weekend, so we missed a few things but did make it to the final night. (And had a great time!! It was so good to see so many folks and I couldn't believe how far some people came.....I know some of you guys are reading because you told me you were so leave us a comment sometime PLEASE. We like feedback. Talking to myself all the time gets BORING!)
7. My insurance company DENIED my new proposed treatment plan, so my good ole bow tie wearing doctor that could fit into all of my OLD clothes is appealing that. Maybe by the time I gain another 15 lbs we'll have that one worked out.
8. I started reading a book about RA: The First Year after Diagnosis (or something like that). It was recommended to me by the Enbrel folks, which I have to say are one drug company on top of their game. BUT, now, I'm gonna have to write a book, because that is the biggest bunch of shit I've ever read. (Sorry for my bluntness.) I mean give me a break. Who cares about the etymology of the word Rheumatoid? All I want to know is how to feel better and prevent further joint damage and just exactly how big my ass is going to get? Does it reach a point that it stops growing or can it just keep going forever? I need some fashion assistance...What shoes are cute but have some give for the swelling...NOT, look into SAS shoes! For Goodness Sake, my Grandmother wears them. She rocks the hell out of them, but I'm not going there. There must be a book for the 30 something generation recently diagnosed with RA and apparently it's going to be up to me.
9. My mother has flown the coop. I haven't seen her in two days...Can you say babysitter nightmare? Mother, where are you? I KNOW YOU READ!
10. Jeff can't turn his neck. I didn't even know he knew how to be stressed!
11. Stella (my Yorkie) has an upper respiratory infection that required antibiotics and cough syrup and $85 at the vet.
12. So You Think You Can Dance has started and I LOVE it more than Idol. I get chills watching Idol every now and then. I get them every time on DANCE. Mary Murphy drives me nuts, keep your mute button handy, but you've got to at least try the show. I LOVE IT. I want Mia Michaels' hair. It's cool! Sometimes it's even like a Mohawk. I love the funkiness of it.
13. The Jon and Kate saga is making me want to throw up. I've never been a fan and we've never really watched it, BUT now, SavyG is TiVoing the show. GROSS.
14. Dalton has been very strange lately and extremely moody. HE TAKES AFTER HIS MOM and doesn't do stress well, but it's been even more than that. Puberty?? He's tired and sleeping alot too. It's got me weirded out and worried.
Well there is a quick update of just the few things on the top of my mind. Lord knows we don't need to get too deep there. HA, at least not today.....I'm working hard to maintain my sense of humor....
I've sort of always secretly wanted a tattoo but I've never been able to come with anything I felt was worthy enough to wear for the rest of my life. Today, I came up with something that just might work. I was thinking of having
put right above my butt crack. It could have so many different meanings and it would be out of sight. HUMMM...Now that one, I might do.
Peace Out.

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