Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Everyone's HOME

Ok, so I don't know what happened this afternoon, but the fog seemed to lift a little. I think it was just more prayers and "letting go". Boy it's been a rough 10 days or so.....

We went to Atlanta, GA. It was very sudden...as in we left about 7:30 Friday night. We had spent the day trying to get Jeff's Great Aunt J on the phone and we couldn't. Given all that's been going on and the sudden offer of the exact settlement we had proposed back in February (which at the time they refused) and our not being able to contact her, Jeff was going to get NO rest until he saw her for himself. SOOO, off we went and of course, we aren't going to a town with an amusement park and not pay it a visit. Jeff and Dalton spent the morning with Aunt J which I think she enjoyed and I know it made him feel better. I went to the mall with SavyG. Since she (Aunt J) HATES every fiber of my very existence, we thought that would be best. Then we headed out for the park. Atlanta, by far, has the best coasters of the Six Flags Parks, but I'm pretty sure that will be my last trip there. I just don't think Atlanta is my favorite place. I love the fashion forwardness and the people watching was pretty good, but just the atmosphere on a whole was something I could do without.

My patience has been short and it's been a trying week, but hopefully it will all be over soon. We didn't get pictures from Six Flags this time. I took my camera but the whole trip was so fast, things were just a blur. HOPEFULLY, we are on the road back to some much needed normalcy around here.

(BOY, I've come a long way to get all that out so nicely. HA!!)

Peace Out,

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