Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its A Better Day

Where in the world are the Acree’s? Today has just been full of twists and turns. If John and Kate can have a reality TV show and get paid a minimum of $27,000 per episode, I’m sure I could do a better job and honestly, I’d do it for less!! (HUMMM, I’m probably meaner and I know I’m more outspoken than Kate….that may NOT be good…..and I’m pretty sure if my husband were tempted by some young spring breakers he’d probably do something he shouldn’t….the difference there would be that I’d probably hold my arms in the air like the officials in a football game and yell, SCORE! And then we’d exchange high fives….I’d just be relieved that he got something somewhere and I didn’t have to be involved.) I don’t know if that makes for good TV or not.

Let me back up, I prayed HARD last night for a better mood and outlook. I’m talking about one of those serious get in the Suburban and drive to Wal-Mart, for a lack of a better place to go at 10 p.m. (Dear Lord, I am thankful for Wal-Marts.) and scream at the top of your lungs, come to Jesus kinda prayers. It must have worked. I still had to work hard at it this morning, but it has definitely improved as the day has gone on. I had to be at the GYNO at 9:40 this morning for my annual tune-up. It’s pretty hard to be excited about your day when you know you have to go in for a tune up and there isn’t anything there to tune up anyway. I told him to dig through the cobwebs and find what he needed to find and let me outta there. We did find that my estrogen was LOW LOW LOW and so I got a shot!! Those usually make me sprout stray eyebrows somewhere on my chin, so at least I have that to look forward to. ANYWAY, I left there and went and had my TB skin test done. They’ll check that on Monday. Ha, since I’m spilling the beans, let me just give you another little “funny”. I had a breast reduction last year. Well, with all the weight I’ve gained I just grew them back. At least they point in the right direction now, but anyway, back to my story, you know the doctor has to check your breasts at your yearly tune up and he said, “Girl, sometimes those things are like starfish, you cut them off and they just grow right back.” Thanks Doc for letting me know, mine didn’t take and I now resemble a sea urchin.

During my tune up, Savannah’s eye doctor called and said her glasses were in. They are too cute, by the way. They made the mistake of calling the house when I didn’t answer my cell and SavyG got the message and proceeded to BLOW my cell up. She filled up my voice mail, so I had to go get her and take her to get her new specs. She’s been complaining off and on of not feeling great, but then when her friends are around she seems to perk up. I haven’t paid it a ton of attention. Last night she was pretty congested and I did give her some good ole Dimetapp. We’ll today, it was down right bad and in the meantime I had gotten word from the Budget Nazi that we may be headed outta town again this weekend. Since it was 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon there was NO way we could get in to see our pediatrician SO we visited the Take Care Clinic at Walgreens. (Dear Lord, We also LOVE Walgreens!) The NP was going through all kinds of questions for Savannah that I was mostly answering anyway and then, IT HAPPENED. She said, “What was the first day of your last period?” As all of the color drained out of my daughter’s face, I knew I had to do something, so I said, “Oh, it was about 6 years ago. OH, did you mean her? She hasn’t had one yet.” I thought we were going to have find get an emisis basin for Savannah. The lady was really nice and said, “I’m sorry honey. I have to ask.” And Savannah said, “Gees, I’m only 9.” It was hysterical and definitely something neither one of us will ever forget!

I’m not at liberty to reveal our very sudden vacation plans just yet. More than likely, I’ll be back tomorrow night. We usually do this surprise thing to the kids, but this one even caught Jeff and I off guard. We didn’t leave the house until just after 7 tonight. We had some business that needed to be tended to and Jeff decided now was as good a time as any and we might as well make a trip of it…so, needless to say, we are on the road again. We hope to arrive just after midnight and at the rate we are going now, we should make it.

AND, OH, OH, I almost forgot, well hell, I almost forgot several things (gotta love the roids) I had LOST 6 pounds since my last doctor visit….STRESS? and I made Dalton a new pair of PJ pants. I finished them this afternoon. He brought them with him to sleep in so I’ll snap some pictures and I made a purse and I took an idea I had gotten in Canton and made a pair of pants for ME. I brought them, too. I’ll share pics tomorrow. OK, “small” hint…potty break in Birmingham. This is turning out to be a really busy month, Dallas TX, ??????Where are we going?, next weekend is Jeffro’s 20 year High School Reunion then we have another court date AND Shake for Jake in Louisiana. WHEW. It’s a good thing I’m on roids or I’d never make it. (Can you believe that came out of this mouth? THE POWER OF PRAYER)

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Missy said...

So where are we going to for a little vaca??? Hmmm, I wanna know. Why do our kids feel the need to blow up our phones with call after call after call after call when they feel they have to talk to us?? Mine do it daily.....
You sound in much better spirits and I am glad you are feeling better...I guess I missed this whole court stuff so I am at a lost as to what is going on or why you are in court...if you want to share, email me, if not, its all good.
Have fun on your getaway, I have not beena good blogger, things are NUTS here with everyone home. I miss my blogging friend :)