Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh YES he did!! Let me just say, ROMANCE is NOT his middle name. It never has been. As a matter of fact, as I sit here and think about it…..I can’t think of a single romantic effort he has made in our very LONG relationship. Oh well, I love him anyway….It’s a good thing I like SHREK! HA. Have I mentioned before that we met in High School? I was a Sophomore and he was a Senior. I skipped French class to go check out the “senior” lunch and he chased me around the table with whipped cream all around his mouth saying, “Come here little girl. You sure are pretty.” Love at first sight!! His 20 year reunion is on June 12. So, I guess that tells you how long it’s been.

I am typing somewhere in Arkansas at the moment. Ain’t technology GRAND? We are on the road to Dallas, Texas. I LOVE IT THERE. I would move down here and Jeff and the kids say they wouldn’t mind it either. I’ve been many times before, but this is our second year in row to take a family vacation here. We are gonna spend a couple of days at good ole Six Flags. We are amusement park fiends!! We have even been known to leave the kids behind and take off for a park ourselves. Last summer, we hit the Six Flags in Dallas, Atlanta and St. Louis. I’m thinking next year, I want to take the kids to Cedar Point in Ohio. I went in college ( I know, I’m such an animal) and loved it. At the time, they had the tallest roller coaster in the states. I don’t know if that is still the case, but I’ll check it out.

I found my strategically misplaced camera card reader. “Lost” is such a strong word. It was sandwiched between two books beside my bed that I’m trying to read. Hopefully, after this trip, I’ll have at least one those knocked out.

I obtained a new claim to fame yesterday. I had the Eastgate Shopping Center Security called on me!! HA. For those of you NOT from around here, Eastgate is one of the oldest shopping centers in east Memphis. It’s been around forever. Since my hunk is rather large, his fashion options are a bit limited. They have a Big and Tall store in that shopping center. I went Saturday and bought him 4 new shirts. He didn’t like them. SO, Sunday, I went to take them back. The guy said the manager wasn’t in and he didn’t have the key to be able to process the return. He was really nice about it and asked if I could come back the next day. I must have smoked the crack pipe that morning because I said, “Sure, that’s no problem. Will you be open on Memorial Day?” He explained that they would…yada yada yada. I was cool with it. (That alone was weird.) Well, I didn’t make it back until yesterday. The manager was there and I obviously forgot to take a hit of the pipe that morning. It was just ALL wrong from the moment I walked in the door. First, dude acted weird about me wanting to return 4 of the same shirt just in different colors. I didn’t care so much about that, I just didn’t appreciate the extra hassle of having to explain that my squeeze just didn’t like them. So we get to the counter and he scans my receipt and then each of the shirts and tells me it’s not coming up right. I was thinking that sounds like your problem, I just want my money back but I didn’t say that, YET. I told him they were on sale when I bought them, if that made a difference… This is where it just went wrong. He said, “I’m sorry, Mam, I can’t get this to come out right.” UMMM, Ok, WHO can???? I don’t know. Well if you are the manager, do we need to call your little 800 number or something for some help? I bought 4 shirts and I’m returning 4 shirts and there is my receipt and this is my second trip up here and I want my $74.25. He said, “Mam, you don’t need to get upset about this, but I can’t process your return. My register isn’t reading this correctly.” I told him I didn’t care HOW he did it but I wasn’t leaving without my money. He could put it back on my card, or give me cash or write me a check if he wanted to but unless I had $74.25 in my fat little hand, we were just gonna hang out together. SO, he called security and I went and had a seat in the chair by the dressing room. I let out a little crackle of a laugh when an older man no less than 85 pulled up in a tiny pickup truck with flashing lights on it. The manager told him I was refusing to leave his store and I explained what had happened to the gentleman. The security guard looked at the store manager and said, “It sounds to me like you need to give this young lady her money back.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA So he did!! That jack ass was just not going to give it to me. Jeff says I should write a letter to the company, but I’m not interested in having anything else to do with them and I certainly won’t do business with them anymore. Sorry Jeffro, but your limited wardrobe just got more limited.

Speaking of being on the large side….Holy Smoke. I’m about to set a record. I was doing pretty good at first. I was just really swollen, but not gaining any real weight. Well the munchie monster moved in and he’s in a bad mood. He acts right if you feed him. I’m growing again. Since I didn’t get rid of much of what I acquired before, I don’t know what I’m gonna do this time around. I’m trying to watch it, but it’s tough.

Mom is with us on this trip. She’s going to visit her friend Patty (What’s up Patty?) in Athens, TX who is there helping her Mom who has hurt her hip. There family could sure use some extra prayers!! They’ve had a rough go of it the last couple of years and have just made lemonade from a bunch of lemons with it all. They don’t seem to be able to catch a break.

I could type for days since I’m bored on the road. Both kids are watching movies on portable DVD players. I wish they had those when I was a kid. I’ll update later. I’m gonna try to get Jeff off the phone. I’m pretty sure he’s been on it for the last 3 hours straight. (It’s a personal mission.)


P.S. We made it and after MANY technical difficulties I am able to get this done. We are heading out the door for Six Flags. ROCK OUT!

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RADstitches said...

You were in Arkansas and did not call me? I am TICKED! LOL Oh, honey and I would have said the same thing about the shirt money! Just wait and see if I have to do a blog about the $45 that I paid for gymnastics and I can't get the guy to call me about about a REFUND since they did not do another single class after my check was cashed! I will tell ya that he does not know who he is messing with! BTW Thanks for the laugh tonight!