Thursday, May 7, 2009

She's Gonna Blow

I feel like POOP! I haven't felt great all day. Today is shot day. Gotta love a little low dose chemo shot into your stomach every week. When you already don't feel good, it's a little hard to do. I passed on it this morning, hoping I would feel better this evening, but no such luck. Tonight, I had to just roll with it. I have too much going on this weekend to put it off any longer. I'm fairly certain, I'm gonna throw up. Do you have any idea what I would give to keep from throwing up? I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. I think I go back in July to the doctor. I'm ready to go back. I haven't tolerated this change well and just don't feel as well as I was before. It seems like I only have about 3 "good" days each week and I was at 5. I'm sure the back pain will return tomorrow. It comes for 2 to 3 days each week after the shot. It makes it really hard to sleep. My lower back and hips hurt to lay down. Then you are a little sleep deprived.
Apparently it is time to flip my "tude" around and find the light in this tunnel. I already knew that. I guess I just needed to vent it. I get angry that any "extra curricular" activities leave me under the bus for a couple of weeks. Talladega wiped me out. I get upset that I'm 35 years old and I have to pay so dearly for a fun weekend. I don't even drink and it wears me down that bad. I know, there are thousands of things I can be and am thankful for, but I'm not gonna lie and say I don't depressed every time I look up a new RA symptom or advice or treatment and see gray headed women in cardigans. Every time I want to complain, I feel guilty because of the children with JRA and I got to live 35 years without this stinking mess, but that doesn't make my anger go away about why I have to deal with it now. Sorry. Emotional overload.

Let me go ahead and get this off my chest, too. My baby boy has a girlfriend and I'm NOT handling it well, at all. She called his cell phone 13 times today. I finally answered it tonight at 8:37 and had a little chat with the child. I explained to her that he was in bed (he wasn't but he should have been). I told her that when he didn't answer his cell phone she should just leave him a message and he would return the call when he has time. I told her he had been at Tae Kwon Do and outside playing with his friends and it wasn't doing any good to call repeatedly. I also told her that we don't talk on the phone after 8 and I would appreciate it if she wouldn't forget that. Jeff thinks I'm nuts and YES he is home tonight. After Dalton's shower, I told him what I had done. He couldn't care less. THEN, he freaked me out. He told me that tomorrow, this little girl is coming home with one of the little girls that lives on our street and she is looking forward to meeting us. WHAT? Are you kidding me? SO, I guess I will be picking my kiddos up from school tomorrow and taking the afternoon off. There is no way in hell I'm not going to be up his booty. I do realize the child has to grow up and I have to back off, but I'm the mom and I get to do that when I want to and right now is NOT that time. Something is telling me this is NO GOOD. Can you feel my panic? That's what it is! Total Panic.
I got my mom's Mother's Day gift today and couldn't keep it until Sunday. I got her a Pandora bracelet. She loved it and so do I. I want one. Jeff isn't the best gift giver. I'm looking forward to a strange farm animal or maybe a gas card, who knows...I may get a pack of toilet paper but I think I'm gonna have to get myself a bracelet for Mother's Day. Is that cool? Can you buy yourself a gift for Mother's Day? Actually, thinking about it, I bet I get a TV for Mother's Day and that would be nice considering I just watched Grays on the 19 inch and cried all the way through Izzy's wedding.

Alright, let me finish some of my Talladega People Watching fun so I can move on to other things. I haven't down loaded Rhett's party yet and am too lazy to get up and do so now. Hope ya'll don't mind. A lot of you commented and admitted to being "watchers" yourselves. I don't know if you noticed or not, but I went with 5 men. I'd love to have some lady attendees next year. Let me know if you are interested. It is too much fun! The race is awesome. I know I'm not the only woman to love it, I'm just one of the few who will admit it and I still believe that some of you women just like to gripe because your husbands spend all day Sunday watching it. Get over it. You might discover something you like, too. I was the fan in our house and now I've got Jeff addicted, too.
This is what we parked beside! Is that a killer Jeff or what and read the tire cover!? It made me teary eyed that day and again when I just found the picture.
Rohn was about to have a stroke over this young lady. She was definitely cute but I think she went a little over board with her augmentation.

There is my own personal picture of the hole in the fence where Carl tried to come up and sit in my lap while he was still strapped into his race car! GET OUT OF THE CAR CARL! GET OUT OF THE CAR! Ha
Sorry about that. I was checking out the wreck and still trying to make sure I wasn't seriously hurt when I turned around and this was about to knock me down. It was so close the picture blurred and messed up the shot of the stretch marks. I'm all for loving who you are, but when your belly is this big....well, a couple of things. You should probably consider covering it up and I'm thinking the Hooters shirt loses some of it's value. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion. This just wasn't right (and it was about to touch me).

Ladies, we must talk. Its ok to have a gut. I know, I have one, too. But there is a certain level of etiquette one must posses when you have one. Trust me....NO one else wants to see it. Please put it away.

You can get away with this look at the race. She was cute and I'm not just saying that because she was cheering for the right driver.
Gentlemen, the gut rule goes both ways. Put that away!

Lots of these....Do you think she regrets that decision?

Jeff liked her. He followed her around and took several pictures. She liked herself, too.
I think she worked really hard for those beads because she was pooped. You have to admire the skirt though.

Like peas and carrots!
I feel confined just looking at this picture. Can you imagine sitting and sweating in these tight clothes all day?
This poor lady's shorts were about to drive her nuts. I don't know if they weren't short enough for her or what, but she was just a tuggin.

I think she finally got them where she wanted them.

Picking your rear was a common theme.

All ages.

and a little animal print for good measure.

Fast Cars and 130,000 rednecks is always a good time!

Thank Goodness for this...


Kelly said...

OMG that is too funny! I am a NASCAR fan myself. Don't smack me over this but Kyle Busch is my guy. I watch it every Sunday. The pictures are hiliarious...I should go with you next year because I love to people watch. Sometimes tho I cannot stop laughing. My hubby knows when we go anywhere I want to sit where I can see everyone. Seriously, those bellies... it amazes me. I would of pissed myself laughing LOL. I hope you feel better!

RADstitches said...

Ok, the pictures of the FREAKS are killing me! I would have never have seen a car.. not one with all that action going on! LOL I love it! LOL

Missy said...

Girl, you make me laugh every time I read your posts...the pics are just freaking hilarious. I want to go next year just so we can sit together and make fun of everyone. Of course I am one of those fat people but I just don't show my shit like they do...that is just nassy and shouldn't be allowed. There should be a law I swear.
Okay, I would totally be the same way as your are about the girlfriend. She umm, sounds a little to forward to say the least. You have to watch out for girls like her...Can't wait to hear what happens.