Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Early Post

Today was hard, but I made it. The next 7 days will be mighty interesting though. I went to see the famous Dr. Boatright today(my most excellent bow tie wearing rheumatologist). I am officially in the midst of a flare up. Hummmm, I kind of already knew that, but at least I know I'm not losing my mind, yet. Have you ever had a doctors appointment that lasted for an hour and a half? I'm not talking about you sitting there for that long...I'm talking about you being with the doctor for that long. It's tiring. Anyway, my xrays showed a lot more damage in my hands and now damage in my lower back. SO, I'm on a 7 day regimen of a lot of steroids. It's like 30 mg of Predisone a day. WHOA. He said my body should feel FABULOUS after tomorrow, but my brain may go berserk!! Given my history with the roids, you can bet your bottom, there will be some interesting happenings around here in the next week. Hang on for a "fun" ride. My pointer and middle fingers on both hands are curving outward and there is no "dip" between my knuckles anymore. They are red and swollen and have no strength. I'm dealing with my hands. Don't get me wrong they drive me nuts, but they don't keep me up at night. They make certain things difficult, but I'm finding little ways to work around those things. My back has been giving me the most trouble. When your back hurts, it's hard to do anything. It keeps me up at night and just exhausts me. At my diagnosis in September, I didn't have any signs in my back. Now, it is there. ANYWAY, we will stay with the same treatment plan if the roids can get this flare up under control. I was feeling really well before it started. If not, he said we will switch gears and alter our medication to a different class.
If you don't mind, your prayers would mean the world to me. Mainly for my mental state. I am really having trouble with anger right now. I know all things happen for a reason, I've just been pleading with God to show me what this reason is. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring it out. I wish I hadn't taken for granted all of those days I felt so great and had so much energy. I certainly won't let that happen again.
Anyway, have a great evening! I'm going to finish this pillow tonight! Oh and guess what, you can get your Triple Grande Fat Free Caramel Macchiato Iced if you want it that way!!!!!!


Maria Lane said...

Kacy, You are in my prayers!!!! EVERY NIGHT!! I have been including you in them when me and the girls say our prayers at bed time, and will keep you there! I love you and want you to feel batter!

Missy said...

Kacy, I am so so sorry that you are enduring all of this crap. You are definately in our prayers here in St. Louis! I cannot fathom what you are going thru and for that I am sorry. Hang in there, you have such a positive, upbeat attitude that I know you will be okay.

RADstitches said...

Oh, Starbucks... I see the sign and I throw up in my mouth a little! YUCK! I treid to like it... but it wust was NOT happening! Hope you make it... Hang in there girl!!!