Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Catching Up and Vacation

Did I mention I bought a very inexpensive Espresso Machine and all the makings for my Triple Grande No Fat Sugar Free Iced Caramel Macchiato? Well I did. I couldn't justify spending $4.65 a day on a coffee drink. The way I figured it, and justified it to the budget Nazi (Jeffrey) was that it would pay for itself in a week.....and that it did! I got the recipe online and it took a few tries, but now, they ROCK and SavyG likes us to make the Vanilla Bean Frappacino. I even found this awesome insulated cup, so it's like having the real thing at home every morning. (I'm missing it while we are on vacation.)

Also, have I mentioned that my daughter writes and draws on anything and everything that is sitting still? I am constantly finding scraps of paper all over the house that she has written some sort of nonsense on. It wouldn't be so bad, IF SHE WOULD PICK THEM UP AND PUT THEM IN THE TRASH WHEN SHE IS FINISHED!! (She's reading over my shoulder right now!! HINT HINT) She has that cute big bubbly handwriting that all teenage girls seem to have. What happens to that handwriting as we get older?
"We" are way into the Peace Sign right now!

Here are my other chairs after they got new covers made for them. ( Just in time for the Memorial Day crew that descended upon the Acree Abode.)
Not too shabby for chairs that were sitting on the bottom of the pool just a short week earlier. I was pretty proud of myself.

And these are Jeff's hanging tomato plants this year. He is quite proud of them.
I'm curious to see how they turn out. We didn't get them up there until late, so we'll have to see what happens with them.

Dalton has been working on his front flip off of the diving board. It's looking pretty good.

Nash, is that a car up your nose? What's up with that cutie?I didn't get a picture of you after your fall! He was running around the pool and his little feet went right up over his ears and he landed right on that beautiful forehead. He had a bodacious knot!! But, Aunt Kacy came to the rescue with an ice pack and a bag of marshmallows and all was good with the world.We had swimmers of all shapes and sizes.

And lots of family and plenty of food.

Thanks for enduring my picture "catch up". I was behind. This hotel has given us a few technical difficulties, but Jeffrey Michael seems to have gotten the kinks worked out now. I just get frustrated and say forget it. For $65 a night, I have to BRAG on our hotel. We are about 10 minutes from Six Flags. Last year, we stayed at the Gaylord Texan in Grapvine. It was SWEET. Due to the current economic situation and the above mentioned "Budget Nazi", I booked the Value trip this year and honestly, we are just as happy here and we saved a BUTT LOAD of cash. We don't have the best view, but who cares?

Here is our little bedroom....

And our mini kitchen...Notice the Big K Cola...another Budget Nazi move. I am going to have to overrule that one, though. When I want a Coke, I want a Coke. You will never hear me saying, "I really need a Big K right now!".

Here is our den....

We had a BLAST today and are heading back tomorrow morning. BUT, my dogs are barking!!The park was awesome. There were NO LINES. We didn't have to wait on any ride and we rode everything there today. We had a free Flash Pass coupon (of course) but we didn't even need to use it today!! We still have it for tomorrow in case it is crowded!!

Are we a motley crew or what? I guess it is a common thing for people to color coordinate their families when they go to an amusement park. Jeff and I have been noticing this for years. That is a thought that has never entered my mind. I have never color coordinated my kids much less my whole family. I think I like individuality and self expression with some guidelines. Heck, my kids packed themselves. What they put on is a surprise to me everyday.

Here's a little photo shoot of what we were all up to tonight. (I get bored FAST.) Jeff was trying to get my security software for work to stop blocking the wireless Internet in our room. He finally did it!!

Heavy D was planning out his favorite rides he wants to hit in the morning when we return to the park.
SavyG was in the shower washing all of the park funk off of herself. This may very well be my new favorite picture of her. It is just so her!!!
And I was modeling my new night gown I made all by myself out of some very yummy fabric. I LOVE IT! I've worn it every night since I made it. Do you see my sunburn from today? I love that, too. It's not bad. Some woman at the restaurant tonight said, "Oh honey, that nose of yours is gonna peel." I said, "Whore!". No, not really but I wanted to. Seriously lady, don't talk about my honker.
It's time for bed. The kids want to get there early tomorrow. Have a great Friday!! I know we will.


RADstitches said...

LOL You are a freaking HOOT!

Ashley said...

Love the pict of dalt with his park map-and sav in the shower-thanks for the pool-we had so much fun today-both the kids are jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side-I am so proud--I miss yall--love u!!

Ashley said...

oh --I almost forgot-check out my blog of the pool party we had today

Anonymous said...

Looks like yall are having fun!!! I love the night gown you made! I want one!:) Thankyou so much for letting us hang out at your pool. We had fun at the "poolparty"