Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey ya'll!! What's Up? This is Hank Bocephus Hamilton. He is my cousin and he is spending the night with us tonight. His sister had her ears cropped earlier today and by tonight had already managed to pull three staples out, SO, brother dog had to go stay with the relatives. Isn't he a cutie?

Well, I made it to work Monday this week, but I took Tuesday off. HA. Not because I felt bad, but because I felt GREAT. This is SO awesome. I worked outside ALL day. Let me show you a little of what I have been up to all weekend.

This is the gorgeous furniture that was handed down to us two years ago when we moved in here. It's on the back patio which is covered but gets lots of sun in the late afternoon. AND the back patio has flooded twice when the pool has overflowed during flash flooding. ANYWAY, I didn't like the look of it when it was given to us, but who in there right mind would ever turn down FREE. The first year, it was still in good shape and it was nice to just have something. Last year, it was getting on my nerves, but I was still painting the house. This year something had to be done.

This is the flowerbed and fire pit that got bricked in at the end of the summer last year. We were actually out of town when this went down, but I love it. I never got around to doing anything with it and then the grass took over.

I changed some stuff up and added some color for a little flava!! I have blue and green umbrellas which were my inspiration for this whole thing. I painted all my pots and planted lots of flowers for out around the pool.

We got all of that grass killed out of that flower bed and they are bringing a load of dirt tomorrow. I'll go to planting overtime this weekend. I want a large metal? cross to go on that back wall between the windows. I've been looking for something for two years and haven't found a thing. That's a really large space and it just needs something. I'm going to try to close it in a bit with some landscaping.

These are my chairs that we had to dig out of the bottom of the pool after the last storm. I bought some fabric that I thought would work on these chairs, but I didn't get enough, SO, I've still got to do these, but at least they are out of the pool and I added a little potted pleasure.

These chairs have also seen a better day, but they will make it one more year without an intervention.
I'm looking forward to this one blooming!! Love it (but NOT my favorite, I'm saving the best for last)!!!!
More chairs that hit bottom!! Need more fabric.....We'll get there.
Hank is just too cute! Jeffrey's not too bad, either.

If it was sitting still today, I put a plant in it. Somehow this one got hung on a shepherd's hook. It'll get moved. I painted and moved a bird bath around to the front today out of this bed, too. I didn't even venture out front with the camera. We had a rose fest out there. That's another day.

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Missy said...

Holy chit girl I have missed some the past few days...I am so glad you called Ms "In ya face" gf's mom. I am dying to know what she had to say about it. I would be absolutely freaked out if it were my kid in either situation. My 10 yr old had a gf earlier in the year but they never even talked to each other so it was all good in the end. I can't, read CANNOT believe this child came up to you and Jeff at the picnic. Kahunas (however its spelled) is right....she has some steel ones to be that bold. Wowowowow is all I can say. I think you handled it more than appropriately. Thank goodness Dalton was good with it.

It's impossible to be there for your kids 24/7. I am home with mine and i still cannot be there for them for everything. It's a struggle that we as moms have, working or not. I think by what I read you are an excellent mom. You are in tune with your kids, their needs, likes, dislikes, etc. I think to ? our abilities is normal, at least that is what I hear. At least you are aware of who your kids friends are, their lives, etc...how many others parents aren't, like the gf..do her parents know how she is?? God I hope not.

The patio looks awesome. LOVE the colors, bright and fun! Did you make the chair covers? I am sure that is a stuid ? to ask lolol. I wanna jump my fat ass in ya pool! lol
miss talking with ya, hope you are having a good week. Oh and YEA to feeling better, that is wonderful!