Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogging Frenzy (Two Nights in a Row)

When I'm exhausted, I can still BLOG. It works out well. I'm tired and can't do much but sit here, I can type though.

Boy, has today been a day.

I started the day off doing something just ever so slightly INSANE. I took the advice of my darling cousin Ashley. She is definitely a NUT. She explained to me about how she has been starting her day with a Starbucks and how she thinks the caffeine is helping her weight loss efforts. Considering the size of her tiny monkey ass, I decided to take her advice. So I be bopped right on up to Starbucks this morning and read to the lady at the window exactly what Ashley had me write down. Yes, I'll have a Grande Fat Free TRIPLE Caramel Macchiato. I might as well have been speaking Polish considering I don't drink coffee. I had to drive to Cordova from there (about 25 minutes) to go to the ever lovely arthritis doctor for my labs. I drank the coffee on the way. It tasted great. When I got there, I struck up a conversation with an 85 year old woman who used to make paper roses as decorations for her home. We discussed double bud roses and how relaxing a hobby it was for her. Then I hugged my lab tech and told him I missed him last time and that honestly I didn't like the lady that drew my blood last time. I'm not much on change. He used to be a roofer before he got emphysema and had to find another occupation. He still looks like he belongs on a roof and I told him that. He said I didn't really fit in at the Rheumatology clinic either considering I didn't have blue hair.

After all of this, I realized, I was high as a kite. Obviously, TRIPLES make me talk to strangers. On my way back to work, I got a Coke from Sonic to calm my stomach. Yep, just what I needed, more caffeine. Today, it took two hands to hold my Coke. My hands are no good. I have knots coming up in both hands between my pointer and middle fingers. NO GOOD. AND I AM SO TIRED!! I go see the actual doctor tomorrow at two. Hopefully, we will get to the bottom of this!


(ok, my coffee might still be working a little.)

I still haven't worked on my pillow anymore. I bought this pattern, that was Patterns for Dummies. I obviously should have taken it back a step or two and gotten a Pattern for Complete and Total Morons! HA. No, actually, I figured out how to do it tonight while I was watching Dalton at Tae Kwon Do.

HOLY CRAP, ADAM WAS BETTER THAN KRIS!! I KNOW HE'S HIGH AND ALL BUT THAT BOY CAN SING HIS ASS OFF. a little less theatrics would be okay with me though, but i like him.

Ok, back to my pillow...I figured it out. The pattern didn't do me much good. I guess it told me how much fabric I needed. That's about all I managed to do with it. Trying to read the directions and do as they said just frustrated me. I still have to sew it together, but my DH was out building houses again tonight so I had full home duty which included tae kwon do and dinner! I was already pooped. Now, I'm heading to bed!
Oh, by the way, check out this interesting form of "fashion" they market to those of us with arthritis. Any shoe designers out there? This is an untapped market!! I know for a fact that I'm not the only 30 something woman out there with RA. I mean, come on. It's bad enough all of the magazines are cover to cover gray headed folks in cardigans. Can we at least have something that might resemble life as we knew it before diagnosis. I have gone from heels to ballet flats. Thank goodness they are considered stylish at the time. (They don't help with the slimming effect on this plump figure, but at least they aren't this.)

That makes me want to throw up in my mouth. And the color choices...Good God, it's summer!

Today has just been stressful. OH, and I'll probably be dead for this, but here goes. Bradley, you know, I love you. (Bradley is my baby brother by 10 years) He REALLY has his nut in a sling tonight! HA. Bless his heart. He'll never hear the end of this one. After spending the day in the ER with excruciating testicle pain, he was relieved to find out it is some sort of infection. He spent the day on IV antibiotics and will be on more antibiotics for the next week or so. All joking aside, his fertility is in question. He is at peace with that at this point. He has two beautiful girls, but I ask that you keep him and his nuts in your prayers. (Oh boy, I'm as good as dead.)



Anonymous said...

that is too funny!!:) not really bc i was there with him all day and know hes hurting....but the whole hospital saw his privates. HA. I think he's feeling a little better this am. Hope you feel better, good luck at the dr. Love you

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say dont feel bad when you order your coffee, listen to what i used to drink every day. Venti non-fat, sugar free, carmel machioto add two shots. So qaud. yea, Im sure they were like oh no, its her again, they knew me by name...thats sad. Im going to try not to drink it unless someone gives me give cards for gifts, its so expensive for me....

RADstitches said...

You gotta go to my blog and find my post on Starbucks and read it! LOL You are a HOOT! But, can I say the green font on the green background... EWWW, I can't hardly read it! LOL Hurts my contacts that needs really badly to be thrown out.. not cleaned, but thrown out! LOL