Thursday, May 14, 2009

I made the damn pillow!
I swear i did, but I am too lazy and swollen up to go get my camera out of the truck and show it to you. Hopefully, it will be around for awhile and I'll get a picture of it. I have decided FO SHO, that patterns can jump up my ass!! All of that hard work and the pillow needs to be BIGGER. I'm gonna make another one as soon as I get around to it and it's going to be the size I had in mind. It actually wasn't "hard work" at all. The directions just confused me. I just had to put my mind to it and fold those cute little directions up and figure it out my own way.
So what about this background? I don't know about it. I like them when I see them on other folks' blogs, but I just don't know about mine. I'm gonna give it some time.....
(Can you tell I'm on steriods? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I'm actually doing pretty good, but I guess it shows just a little. After all, patterns don't typically jump up your ass. I'm making a huge effort to stay calm and I think so far it's working. I am soooo swollen. I'd take some pictures of that for you, too, if it weren't such a long way to the truck. Maybe tomorrow it will be better. If not, I'll show you. My feet swelled up out of my shoes today. I thought these things were supposed to help inflammation. Who knows?
I have to be in Memphis at my Grandmother's house in the morning at 8. That's one of those IMPOSSIBLE feats for me, but for my Grandmother, I'll pull it off. She had her annual checkup last week. They called her this week and said that they needed her to come in for a 30 minute appointment with her doctor so he could explain why she was going to go for a stress test next Tuesday. She completely wigged out. She has scar tissue on her heart. When she had pneumonia last fall, it put a lot of stress on her heart. That was the last time her heart has ever been an issue. She's scared. Her daddy died when he was 74 of a heart attack. She turned 74 in September. She keeps making that reference. I think the thing that scared her the most was the last time the nurse called her after a checkup and said they need to schedule a 30 minute appointment for her to talk to the doctor, he told her she had breast cancer. By the way, she just had that checkup, too, and got the ALL clear of 3 years!!! She is such an amazing STRONG woman. There is NO WAY I was gonna let her go to the doctor by herself tomorrow. I just can't stand it.
Anyway, we've got that in the morning and then both of the kids have their end of the school year parties. Savannah's starts at 11:30 and Dalton's at 12. Then at 6 tomorrow night, it's "Celebration Night" at school. They have all kinds of jumpy things and a Silent Auction and vendors and even a band. It's always a lot of fun. I'm so ready for them to be out of school. I know they are ready. I took Dalton up to watch Tae Kwon Do testing tonight. It wasn't his time to test, but some of his buddies were. It was fun. Jeff went to the BBQ Fest downtown. I had planned to go, but these feet wouldn't have it today. I have PLENTY of energy, but I have a body that won't cooperate.
I've got to get off of here and fold another load of laundry and try to plan a little trip for the end of the month. I have been dying to go to First Monday in Canton. (Thanks Mel for that bug.) I think we are finally gonna work it out. I think we are going to take off this month. It runs the 28-31. Then we are going to head on over to Dallas, which may very well be one of my favorite places in the good ole USA. I LOVE DALLAS TEXAS!! The kids are fond of the Six Flags there, too. And yes, I'll admit it, so are Jeff and I. We are those bad parents that sneak off to amusement parks without the kids even. Well, we have in the past. We don't have to anymore because the turds are big enough to do everything now and neither of them have any fear!!! They kinda take after their momma!! Jeff is pretty fearless, but he has to be majorly persuaded to be hung upside down. He'll do it, but only when you beg him or humiliate him.
So, my brothers nards are better. He went back to work. That was a good thing. I talked to him today and he even sounded like himself. Thanks for enduring my interesting family.
Gotta go fold clothes so I can try to sleep so I can get up early. Hell, I'll probably be back in a little bit. I'm not feeling that tired thing. That's another little sweet side effect of me on roids.
Sleep Sweet and Peace Out,

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