Monday, June 2, 2008


Holy Smoke! I'm doing this at 9:20! I am worn out and about to head for bed. I can hear it calling me.....
The kids LOVED VBS today. Dalton was skeptical about going to begin with, but I think we'd have a fist fight tonight if I told him he couldn't go tomorrow. They are taking their showers and about to hit the hay, too. Savannah had cheerleading tonight. We are getting back into a routine. Savannah was standing at the kitchen counter a few minutes ago and I couldn't help but notice how tall she has gotten and really slimmed down. Of course, now she's telling on her brother because he hasn't showered yet. Oh well, they are on their own tonight. I got the flowers watered and the family fed and this mama is TIRED.
I didn't get home from work until about 7 tonight. Running a one man, or shall I say, WOman, show is hard. I miss Lelania!
Mom isn't feeling good at all. I made her go to work with me this morning. I'm worried about her. Her joints are extremely stiff and she's got a bite on her arm that is looking really bad. She came home when the kids did and went to bed. My cousin Rachel (one of Charlie's Angels, to the far right, in the picture) is in the hospital tonight. She came by my office Friday morning and she was fine, but apparently she got sick Friday afternoon. FEEL BETTER SOON RACH!
That's all I know other than Izzy just finished off the chicken I cooked tonight and left on the counter so mom could eat some when she came down. There is always something "FUN" going on around here.
Hug those babies super tight, share the love and SHAKE & BAKE.
P.S. Yes Dawn, I am a HUGE NASCAR fan, and I don't know why, but everybody has the same reaction to that that you did. I LOVE ME SOME RACIN'!!

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Dawn said...

You just don't seem like the NASCAR type. I'll email you and let you know what NASCAR stands for. :-)

Can't wait to see you at Shake for Jake. You will love it!!!

Sorry you had such a bad day the other day. I hope you did well on your test.

Have a great weekend!!

Love ya,