Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Day Down

I am home alone. What is up with that? When five people from 3 generations live in one house, you are almost NEVER home alone. It won't last long. Sorry no pictures tonight. I'm on a mission tonight to finish hanging all of the ones in the house I already have. I made a great start on the wall in the hall and then stopped. I am returning to the task tonight. Maybe I'll have some pictures of more decorated walls tomorrow. This place is shaping up some. The cabinet folks are coming Thursday morning to finish a few things and the painters are coming Sunday for the downstairs trim.
This is the first day in a long time I've come home and didn't have a pool full of kids. One of the neighbors had ball practice tonight and all of the other kids apparently promised him they wouldn't swim until he got home. He should be home any minute. Jeff is at the grocery with our two and we are cooking hamburgers on the grill tonight.
BUG is still here. He's not going to Jeff's uncle's farm. He would walk right through his fence. When we said goat, I'm not real sure what he had in mind. We have some friends that live right up the road from him though and he's going there. He just can't go until tomorrow. BUG is worn out tonight. Jeff was off work today and he was out all day cutting grass and such and apparently BUG just roamed around and did what goats do. He is asleep in his kennel right now.
We've had some more mess with ole Aunt J. Just pray for us if you don't mind. Caring for the elderly can be very difficult and particularly trying at times.
Have a great night. Spend some time with those babies and don't forget to hug and kiss on them.

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Dawn said...

I love Bug...how precious. Different gift, but precious!!

You must see a picture of Mason on my blog. It's priceless.

Love ya,