Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh my, where to begin.......
It was high drama around the ole Acree Abode this afternoon. I got home tonight a little late, I guess it was about a quarter to 7. I came home to a full out dog fight in my back yard. It's typical for me to come home to a backyard full of kids swimming and playing and having a wonderful summer, but NOT today.
Let me back up a little. It became apparent a little earlier today that Savannah had a little crush on the neighbor, Cole. Jeff brought it to my attention while I was still at work. He's usually right about these things especially when it comes to reading Savannah. ANYWAY, Dalton caught on to what was going on as well, and apparently didn't like it. SO, he proceeded to whoop Cole's butt in the backyard. Yep, that's when I got home. Cole is two years older than Dalton, but have I ever mentioned that I have GIGANTIC children? Needless to say, Dalton won that battle. How are you supposed to feel in that situation? On the inside, I'm kinda glad Dalton was trying to be protective of his little sister and I'm definately glad that he won the fight: ) On the other hand, he shouldn't be fighting and his little sister is devastated and certainly a crushed little girl tonight. She's worn out from soccer camp today, which was from 1 to 4 in the heat of the afternoon and probably about to be awarded some fabulous punishment because she is really pushing the envelope with her daddy tonight. They are in a screaming war right now and she is just crying. OH BOY, hormones! I'm so glad mine come from that neat little patch these days. They tend to stay much more level.
OK, so after the butt whooping in the back yard and pulling soaking wet boys off each other and apologizing to his parents and giving Dalton a lecture I wasn't real sure I wanted to give, I realized I was a bird murderer. Well, maybe. Yesterday, I made a really insensitive comment on my blog about how I wish my baby birds would grow up and move away. Well, one fell out of the nest today. I was freaked out. I got online and read about what to do and everything said to put him back. I had always thought you couldn't touch them or their mother wouldn't have anything to do with them again. Apparently, that is ducks and not these birds. Jeff picked him up and put him back and Chiquita got up there and checked on him. I hope he lives. I took his picture on the ground but I just can't put it up. I've jinxed my little birds enough.
We are gearing up for Shake 4 Jake!! We are Louisana bound on Friday!!! I can't wait. We are trying to decide whether or not to take a detour to the water park afterwards on Sunday. We keep going back on forth on that one. I kinda want to go but we have so much going on. The next weekend is the 4th and then we hit the sea for Mexico on the 19th of July. PLEASE, if you can't make it to LA this weekend, click on Jake's little picture and visit his foundation website. MAKE A DONATION! Give up your Starbucks for one day and help a family fighting for their child's life. YOU can make a difference and I promise, there is no greater gift than acts of kindness for others. Think about it for a minute....What would you do if you were in their shoes?
Did you know green is Jake's FAVORITE COLOR?
Hug your babies, say your prayers and share your love!

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