Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Finally, my batteries are charged! (for my camera that is...) How exciting is that? I went around and took goofy pictures of a lot of things standing still around here. When I got the camera out, everybody decided to scatter. I missed a good picture though. Jeff killed a 4 foot water moccasin out front in the street. That is the first one WE have seen, but the neighbor had one in her yard about a week ago. There is a big ditch across the street between those houses and the golf course. I guess that's where they come from.

I'm worn out. I went to Tupelo today for some classroom time with an excellent teacher before attempting to take my Series 63 test. I have to pass this test in order to remain an Allstate Agent. No such thing as pressure, huh? I'm ready to take it and my instructor says I'm ready, but I'M SCARED TO DEATH! Pray I can work up the nerve to do it. I want to test Friday. I need to test Thursday but can't fit it into the schedule.

Ok, check out the Coke situation in my pantry right now...This is after not buying any for two days, which I can't believe Jeff has let happen....I'm sure he'll have us all lined up again soon.

I guess I could have cleaned up around the Cokes a little bit before I took the picture, but I'm just trying to keep it real. I don't really have time for a clean pantry and even if I did I'm not sure that's how I would choose to spend my time. HA. Maybe someday, I'm just not that girl.

I've been doing a little decorating around the Sanford and Son house lately and when I took this picture I realized how crooked everything was and realized, I probably need some help....

Those big tall thingys are really cool, but they need some straightening up, humm, where did that free time go? By the way, that was "The Moment of Truth" on TV. Why did they create a show that ruins peoples lives? Why does the truth ruin peoples lives? Jeff and I decided we could go on there and go all the way. We are both pretty honest people and just take our hits when the truth hurts. Ya know, it is what it is...

Alright, I played with my camera settings and check out this close up that I never would have been able to get before.....

Not only am I proud of my camera, I'm proud that my clematis is doing so well and growing up the trellis and blooming! YES! I even spotted a few little blooms on one of my Crepe Myrtles. Considering I stuck these in the YARD right after we built the house last year to keep from getting fined by the Homeowners Association, I'd say they did really well. I can't even believe it is alive, much less trying to thrive.

Here is the hallway, I finally decided to hang some stuff in. This is when you first come in off the side porch. I love my crosses and this is one of my favorite pictures and sayings.

Speaking of the side porch, Chiquita and Banana (my birds) are still with us. I got Chiquita in the nest but Banana was being a little turd tonight and wouldn't come hang out with Chiquita. I don't think he likes me being out there. I had to get him over on the street sign. I still haven't painted around the trim on this side porch because I don't want to disturb their nest. I've finished the others.
Then, I took a little trip down memory lane and took pictures of pictures in the house of my babies....this is just a small sample of what adorns the walls in the Acree/Sanford and Son Home. I have a small fetish for photography in case you couldn't tell after all of this. Jeff says it's just a really expensive habit. Hal Jaffe is my FAVORITE photographer of all time! He started taking my picture when I was 4 and still takes my kids pictures, I LOVE THAT.

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!! I have another one similar when they are younger. I'll save it for next time because I have no idea where it is tonight.

The pictures aren't grainy....I was having issues with my flash. I'm still holding out for that new camera. I may be holding out for awhile, especially since I just hired someone at work. Overhead scares me.

Check out that bow!! She'd rather eat poop than wear a bow in her hair now. Do you think it was because I made her wear them as a child? I've warped her.

Here are my latest ones. Check out my little models. Hal was doing a new project and wanted to try it out on my kids. He took them all over downtown and shot pictures of them. I have a cool DVD of the whole session. OMGoodness, I wonder if I can get that DVD on here. That's another night, but I bet I can. I'll work on it. In the meantime, here are the pics of pics.....

Well, it's 9:45 and I'm outside watching a diving contest. The neighborhood is still here. I love that. It happens everyday. I wish there were more hours in the day and I was physically capable of staying awake.

I'm feeling like a cruddy mom lately. I've been working my tail off, which makes more money and grows my agency for the future, but then I miss my kids and my family. If I spend time with my family, my business suffers. I can't find the right balance. I've talked to other women in my shoes and it seems to be a common theme. Having a family, owning a business, and trying to stay balanced and satisfied is really trying sometimes. Sorry if I sound like I'm complaining, I don't mean to. I'm very thankful for everything I have and the ability to do what I do. I've just been working hard on my agency trying to meet my goals and I had too much travel time today to think about all of the things at home I haven't been able to do or that I have missed.

The main problem is, Dalton has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and I have a new girl starting at work and a conference call at 9:30. SO, Jeff is taking Dalton to the doctor and that just bothers me. I was wondering today if it was human nature to want what you don't have or is that greed. I think it's human nature or at least that's what I decided today somewhere between here and Tupelo.

I need to send the neighborhood home and get my herd in the house. We haven't had dinner. I told you I was a GREAT mom. Hug those babies tight. They grow up before you know it. Share your love and SHAKE & BAKE (I couldn't help it, it's on again tonight).



Yep, I'm a total redneck...It's 11:11 (oh my goodness, that's a special time) I just finished feeding my family Hamburger Helper and I'm watching NASCAR now. HA.

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