Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, the children and I pulled it off. We went to our FIRST ever livestock auction yesterday in Ponotoc Mississippi!! When we sat down and I realized that I was actually about to bid and I looked around at all of the characters in this story, I couldn't believe I had left my camera at home. Thinking about it though, I would have looked even more out of place had I been there asking men in overalls to take our picture.... my wedge flip flops and Coach purse were a little out of dress code for this event. That wasn't something I thought about when we left, but if I ever go back, I'll know.
We set out on a mission Saturday morning to find a GOAT. We decided to get Jeff a goat for Father's Day. It is a very fitting gift. After many years of enduring either some really off the wall inappropriate gifts or just no gifts at all, I decided to give him a goat.
Go figure, HE LOVES IT!!

It really is a cute little billy. Jeff named him Bug and taught him to use the doggy door. He's been eating everything in the back yard. Some of that is good and some of that isn't. I think he's going to live on Jeff's uncle's farm a few miles up the road. He has several horses and said today that Bug could come hang out with them. He is very social and prefers to be sitting in your lap.
I wasn't real fond of him in the house and since he REALLY LIKES phone cords, we took this party outside..

We have tried everything we know to get those stickers off of him. They are just going to have to wear off. I guess I could get the scissors out. I thought surely I could get them off, but not so far. I got into a bit of a bidding war over him, but I WON. When you have two kids telling you that is THE man in overalls was gonna beat out this mama in her wedge sandals.

That is little Miss Tatum. She is one of our local swimmers. I think I'm gonna make up some frequent flyer cards for our regulars. I'm sitting out here typing this tonight watching Dalton and Cole and Savannah and Tatum swim. I actually only got out myself a little while ago.
Savannah went into pose mode and I couldn't resist those blue eyes.

Here are my sunflower seeds I planted. I had to get them up off the ground because BUG really liked them a lot!
We had a GREAT day! We got Jeff a shop vac, too. That was something he actually wanted. He loves animals and he even loves his goat. He said he didn't figure too many other dads could say they got a goat today! HA.
I better cut it short tonight. The kids have left me out here by myself which means there are wet kids and clothes flying all over my house right now and Bug is eathing a towel hanging on the back of a chair. I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Fathers Day!
Hug those babies tight and share your love!
I just heard David Cook's new single and I like it. He's a good guy! Go DAVID!


Oh My Goodness, I almost forgot!! Go Junior!! Congrats Dude. I've been pulling for you since Talledega. You needed a win and I was happy to see it for you even if it was under caution. AND, Go Kasey!! pulling in 2nd ain't half bad big boy!

Jeff watched Talledega Nights this morning and his favorite word today has been TURD.

Savannah has a new saying...."Don't make me do my hands in a Z formation, butt rotation, elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, You just got Dissed." It has hand and body motions to go along with it. Well well. What happened to "Cinderella, dressed in Yellow....".

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Staci said...

A goat???? I sure hope that's what he asked for. Your a good woman, I sure would not have granted that wish.