Sunday, June 8, 2008


I'm outside on a beautiful summer night typing and watching a bunch of kids swim and play volleyball with an oversized beach ball. How awesome!! I'm soaking wet, too. I just got out. We've been swimming today since about 2!
I was watching on and off while I was swimming. We wired to have a television put outside on the patio when we built the house and I told Jeff that was ridiculous when we did it. I'm not so sure it is anymore: ) I'd love to be able to sit outside and see the race instead of just listening to it. I'm sure I'll get over it! An outdoor television is just not a primary need right now.
Ok, as for the request for pictures of the turquoise outfit, I'll have some tomorrow. I didn't have my camera (which wouldn't have worked anyway) but Emily did. I talked to her today and she said she had a lot of pictures from both before and after. I'm scared to see them. I put the outfit in the wash this afternoon and cracked up all over again. My mom got home and I told her the story and she laughed so hard I thought she was gonna throw up. HA!!
Guess what, Walgreens has those Cokes on sale again this week. I'm gonna take a picture of the pantry tomorrow with all of the Cokes in it. We won't need Cokes for months. I REFUSED to go back today for more. I'm all about a good deal...but that was embarrassing.
I washed the bed today and it isn't made so I'm off to do more chores. I think the neighbor kids have to be home at 9:30. I'm tired and I've still got a race to watch on TiVo! I'm so proud of my boy!
Have a great week! Hug those sweet babies and share the love and for heaven's sake...Shake & Bake! (I love that movie and watch those clips every time I get on here!)

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