Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting Organized & Going Back to Work

It was NASCAR day! You know what that means....I watched early until the big major wreck and then went back outside to paint. I was listening to the race on the radio, but that's not the same, SO....I'm watching it on TiVo!! How awesome is TiVo? It is crack for television! HA. Ugghh..Kyle Busch is really frustrating me. I've said (probably too many times) that I should have Jeff put to sleep. I'm seriously thinking that Busch boy needs to be put to sleep, but GO CARL GO. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that boys teeth in Talledega. They are HOT! I always notice teeth! Maybe in the fall.....
I flew off the painting deep end today about 2 o'clock. I put it all up and quit for the day. I'm getting there, but I needed a break. I jumped in the pool and played with the kids until the thunder rolled in. I finished the entire back patio and columns this weekend. The entire front porch is finished, but the four columns need one more freaking coat of paint on them. They are really making me tired. I couldn't finish them tonight because it was raining. When I finish those, I've got the small side porch to do, the trim around the garage doors, and the three doors in the backyard to the garage and pool storage area. I talked Jeff into hiring someone to come finish the interior. I met the guy today. I think he is going to start this week in the evenings and hopes to be finished by the end of next weekend. It's just the downstairs trim (baseboards) and the front stairs. (Did you notice how I said "just"? That's a lot of work.) I thought that was a good compromise between Jeff and I....I'm finishing all of the exterior painting that needed to be done and he is hiring someone to do the inside. Have you noticed he isn't painting? He's not allowed to touch a paint brush. He leaves horrible drip marks everywhere. It's just not worth it.
Since I couldn't paint tonight, I hung pictures. If my camera worked, I'd take pictures. My new batteries should be here soon and then I can post pictures of all of my handiwork. I really am enjoying making my house the way I want it. It's about time. I've been here a year next month and just hung my first picture tonight. I love my house and am having a great time working on it. I missed out on a bunch during construction and so I'm having to rework a few things but I love it.
I went to see Lelania tonight. She just turned her phone off and I can't say I blame her. She is doing well. She said right now she is just happy that it hasn't all set in. She and her dad went today and made all of the arrangements. She seemed to feel a sense of peace after doing so. Each of her children are dealing in their own way and Lelania is, of course, very worried about them. I was very touched when I went over there tonight and I just love her family so much. I went to Rome last summer and bought a beautiful set of Rosary Beads for Lelania. I had them blessed by the Pope. I'm not Catholic but the whole thing was very moving for me. Tonight, Lelania and her father asked me if would care if they gave the Rosary to her mother. Of course, I didn't care and was so happy to know that they meant so much to her family. Her obituary will be in the paper tomorrow, but I got to read it tonight and completely lost control of myself when I read that all memorials should be sent to St. Jude. I can't think of a better place for that to be. Cesarenia and I talked many times about the volunteer work and the families I knew at St. Jude. What a beautiful testament to her heart of gold!
The children are going to Vacation Bible School tomorrow. Mom is coming to work with me. I am interviewing a woman for a position in my Agency at 10 in the a.m. We will just have to see how things go from there. I still want to test on Thursday but I don't know if that will be possible. I NEED to make it possible, I just don't have enough hours in the day. I'll know tomorrow if I can make it happen or not.
Hug those babies, share that love and in true Will Ferrell form Shake & Bake!

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Dawn said...

Kacy - I just don't see you as a NASCAR fan. I guess I will have to scratch my head on that one for a while. You are one painting queen...can't wait to see the pics of all that you have done.

Have a good week at work!