Friday, June 13, 2008


I LOVE Will Ferrell! He is a flaming idiot! I'm watching Semi-Pro! I hadn't seen this one until now. He cracks me up, but this movie is pretty bad.
Work was work....but when I got home the FUN began. Savannah Grace was in rare form tonight! We finally caved into Dalton's wishes of going to Applebee's tonight. Yes, I know, I can't believe the children wanted to forgo my culinary delight and eat out, but for some reason they did. When we got there, we had a very interesting little waitress named Sara and I'm pretty sure she would have made a most excellent waitress at Applebee's in Talladega Nights. Every time she would come to the table we would crack up, even the kids. Her favorite thing to say was, "Nooottt a Proooblem".
Savannah was all over her daddy tonight. She held her fingers up making the quote sign on either side of Jeff's head and kept saying "Jeff Acree". Then she told me that our family was just HOT. Next she informed us that Jeff was Spicy Hot and Dalton was JUST temperature hot. I'm not real sure where she comes up with this stuff.
We went to Blockbuster and rented movies. She's waiting on me to watch 27 Dresses. The sheets are in the dryer and then I'm on my way to watch a movie with my gal. We also went to Home Depot tonight and bought some more flower pots and seeds. I don't know if I mentioned we planted sunflowers about two weeks ago and they are growing like mad...well they are actually coming up (that's like mad to me). HA...of course now I think I can grow anything and have planted tomatoes and watermelon (I did that last weekend) and tonight we bought pots and 4 different kinds of seeds. We bought daisies and I don't remember anything else....whatever we thought was pretty on the package.
We have a busy day tomorrow. We have a very special gift to get for BIG DADDY tomorrow. I hope we can pull it off. He's got to work tomorrow at some point and we are on a mission!
Have a great night and weekend, hug those babies and share the love.

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