Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Long Long Day

Well, I crashed last night about 8:15. I was trying to talk to Jeff and he told me to be quiet because he was reading the paper. That made me mad so I showed him, I went to bed. HA! I made him come work with me yesterday afternoon so he would stop trying to tell me what to do all the time. As much trouble as we have just staying married, we OBVIOUSLY don't need to work together. That wasn't very nice, but sometimes the truth is just that way. It didn't help any anyway. He still thinks he can run an insurance agency better than any veteran and certainly better than I can. (That's why he gets a salary at FedEx:)) Just a little innocent male bashing...everybody needs to now and then...and if you claim you don't, you're a liar.

I still don't have any camera batteries AND guess why.....that's right, his name is JEFF. He told me he ordered them, but he didn't. He claims he forgot. I'm pretty sure he'll be wishing he didn't forget on Father's Day when he gets that new camera I want. That's how I got the one I have now. After taking a tongue lashing over all of the pictures I have missed because of his insensitivity in the photography department, I did see him online with the credit card and he even asked if I wanted a car charger for them. The look he got said it all, considering I was trying to save $30 by not just going to Wal-Mart and buying the darn things. And by the way, I have a WAY BETTER plan for Father's Day than a camera. The kids and I are SO excited about his gift. Stay's priceless!

Today was Lelania's mom's funeral. We went to the funeral home last night and there were so many people. Cesarina was an awesome woman and you could definitely tell that last night. Lelania is holding up well for now. Like her mother, she takes care of everybody else and puts herself last. I've been praying for her everyday and begging God to give her the strength she is going to need when she gets quiet and deals with her own loss and grief.

My cousin Rachel is still in the hospital with no diagnosis. She still has a high fever and I have heard she is NOT in the best mood. She has now seen an infectious disease doctor who thinks this is a really nasty viral thing that will have to run its course. I believe they were also testing for Lyme Disease and didn't have those results back yet. Get Better Rach!! You are scaring us.

I'm having withdrawal from my kids lately. I've been having to work late...Savannah is back in cheer practice and Dalton has been helping Jeff until dark every night. Then they have to go to bed because this is VBS week. I miss playing with them.
After work tonight, I went by Lelania's dads house and visited with their family for awhile. I came home and wanted to go swimming but Jeff had all the concrete around the pool sealed this afternoon and it wasn't dry. We had a little failure to communicate in that situation. I didn't know it was getting done today. He has too many "projects" going on right now and tends to leave out little details when he tells me things. He's building a couple of houses right now and he has 3 additions going on and we have two rental properties turning over right now. He's been a little busy with all of that....
Mom doesn't feel good. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. I think I'm gonna have to call my brother in for a medical intervention. She WILL NOT go back to the doctor. I thought I was hard headed, I am learning first hand where I got it from. She wants to try some home remedies first she says. Well, it's a little late for those.
I've been studying! I'm gonna pass this test if it kills me. I've had to put it off two weeks in a row now because I couldn't get the time away to study and take the test. Now my studying has just been spread out....I'M TAKING THE TEST NEXT WEEK! I want that off my back. I'm in a forward zone right now and I've got to stay there.
I'm outta here. It's time to hit the hay. Jack Black's about to come on Letterman and he totally cracks me up!
Hug those babies. Kiss their little foreheads if they are already asleep. Share your love, it's important.

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Staci said...

I love a little male bashing every once in awhile. It's good for the soul!!! Hey did you say you ordered tickets for the Shake 4 Jake? I thought I read somewhere that you had and I can't find an order for you. Just trying to figure out if I dreamed this. Have a good one, it's late and i'm tired.