Saturday, June 7, 2008


Oh My Goodness. I just logged on and realized I hadn't posted anything since WEDNESDAY. I'm getting better....I didn't even feel guilty about it. I've just been too busy and too worn out.
Let me think back to everything that's happened...Thursday was just rough. I was about to wrap up my second week at work by myself and trying to hold everything together. Considering everything I had been through and everything going on, I was so mentally worn out, I was physically worn out. Today, it proved itself...I have the NASTY summer cold.
Friday was ok. I knew it was about to be over. I had a really busy day at work, but was also able to get some things done that I had been putting aside. I got the kids passports ordered. That got put off all week, which is going to hold up our summer vacation until the end of July. That's ok though. June is already booking up. We got our tickets for Shake4Jake. Don't miss it. I actually have two extra tickets if anybody wants to go have a great time for the absolute best cause I can possibly think of.
OK so let me tell you about Friday NIGHT. This will forever go down in the memory book!!! I met my friend Jenifer at the Goldstrike Casino Friday afternoon at about 5:30. We climbed into a limo and pulled out of the casino headed for the FedEx Forum for the ultimate in redneck concerts....Hank Williams, Jr. and Lynard Skynard!!! So, we get there and we get in the Goldstrike box which is right on the stage and it was just awesome. I love to people watch, and let me tell you, this was a good place to do it. James Otto opened up and I'm standing there dancing and having a good time and this woman comes over to me and tells me that the woman in front of me wanted my dress. (I swear I typed that correctly). I had on a cream colored straight loose knee length dress and my cowboy boots. I said excuse me....she said yes, I swear, the girl in front of me asked me to ask you if she could have your dress. She wants it for her wedding dress. I look down to see this girl and she had on turquoise from head to toe. She had on turquoise short shorts, a turquoise halter top and a turquoise cowboy hat. She wasn't kidding, she wanted my dress. I thought about it for a minute and thought, what the heck. Give the woman her wedding dress. So my friends and I pulled this stranger up into the box with us and she and I took off for the bathroom. I am know the proud owner of a turquoise cowboy hat, halter and shorts. I wore it the rest of the night and it was hysterical. I was embarrassed when we got back to the casino. ANYWAY, she's getting married on July 5th to her boyfriend, who by the way, had on a wife beater, in my dress! HA! It was fun. I have to say, it wasn't the best concert I've ever been to, but we had a blast.
Today, we had a bunch of errands to run and then came home and all jumped in the pool for a couple of hours. Tonight we went to the ball field and caught some of our old teammates in a tournament. It was fun. I miss Dalton playing ball. It was really nice out tonight and good to see a lot of old friends we don't see often enough.
Tomorrow, we plan on hanging around here. I've got a little more painting to do. Today I planted sunflowers. I wonder how that will work. I've got a few more things to plant tomorrow also. Then, it's time to hit the books again. I'll be studying for the next several days. I got Dalton some honeysuckle to plant in the back yard along the fence. He LOVES it. He rides his bike to the front of the subdivision several times a week and gets some.
I have killed my knee. I noticed it last weekend painting. It was hurting climbing up and down the ladder and squatting to paint the bottom of the columns. It bothered me a little on and off all week but nothing too bad. Today, it is killing me. It is so tender.
Tonight after the ball game, I fed the family Taco Bell. We even dined in. HA. Then Jeff made us go to Walgreens to buy 2 liter cokes for 89 cents. There was a limit of 4 per customer, so we all checked out separately and bought 16 cokes! None of us wanted to do it but Jeff insisted. We looked so stupid. The guy even rang us all up separately even though it was obvious what we were doing.
I'm already in bed typing this and the light is about to go off! I'm tired. I've got another busy day tomorrow. By the way, I got ONE camera battery, the other one is on back order. Is that my luck or what?
Have a great rest of the weekend. The race is on TNT at 12:30 tomorrow. LOVE IT! Go Kasey!
Hug those babies!! Spend time doing something they want to do. Share your love and SHAKE & BAKE!


Staci said...

Why in the world isn't there a picture of your fancy new outfit on here? I bet that concert was a lot of fun, too bad we don't live closer to each other, that's just the kinda things I love to do and I promise you we would have been right behind you in line with our 20 cokes, because Don would have insisted that Maddi get her 4! Glad you got your tickets, can't wait to see you there!!!

Dawn said...

I have got to see a picture of that outfit you came home in. That is the funniest story ever. Todd and I wanted to go to that concert, but for some reason thought it was next weekend. Oh well, maybe next time.

I hope your knee gets better are too busy of woman for your knee to keep you down.