Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th....Good Times...and A little More!

Hold on to your hats! Get ready for a little picture overload. I've been snap happy for the last couple of days.

The Acree's threw their final Hoo-RAH today on Bear Cove South. I do have to say, the only thing I will miss about living here is our incredible ability to entertain. The pool is wonderful and with a house this size we can accommodate a fairly large crowd.
We are already talking about putting a pool in over on Sunset Road. (I bet we have one in next Spring...I don't think we'll be able to help it....the house won't be as lavish, but hey, you can't have it all) I took some pictures of the new place...I'll save those for tomorrow because I had too much fun with all the little peeps around here today.

This Little Turkey, a.k.a. Nash, was jumping off the diving board all day long. He was so good and hung in there all night, too. Love you, Nashster. (I couldn't help it, I took a lot of this kiddo.)

He even swam in the Big Red Bucket!

We had lots of diving board fun today!

I think SavyG wins the prize for Best Form!

Bradley's form.....maybe not so good....

BUT, isn't he too cute with that baby girl of his?

Mallory was not loving her Aunt Kacy too much today. Her little eyes were so swollen. Maria said she had been around some dogs last night. Her allergies are TERRIBLE. I'm sorry Mal Mal. She also HATED the fireworks!!!! I was able to sneak one little picture before she told me "NO".

Her sister, on the other hand, was hamming it up. (Even with baked beans all over her face....)

HA, there is the new haircut! Talk about a HOT mess. I think it's in shock. It just stands on end. I feel like Jimmy Neutron in a Wind Tunnel. My darling little brother told me it was intimidating and made me look unapproachable. Does everyone love their little brothers the way I love mine?

Obviously, Georgia shares his opinion.

Lets get back to more diving board fun....

Go Dalton!!
There might have been a little plumbing going on there!?!?
I tried that back flip I never mastered last summer. Let's just say, I might need to keep trying. Can you see the red and purple legs? That HURTS!
What's up ASH?
....and they call ME unapproachable? HA, JK...I love you!!
My flowers have gone NUTS. I took pictures of our upside down tomatoes today, but I don't know where they went. Maybe tomorrow......
I couldn't resist this little moment of brotherly love. Rhett was having some chapstick and Nash wanted some. He "hooked a brotha up".
We had a great day with great friends and family!!! Thanks to everyone who came (except the flies).
Everyone around here went to bed about an hour ago and I guess I'm headed that way, too. I hope everyone had a Happy 4th and remembered why we celebrate this day!
P.S. Glow in the dark flip flops!! The Bomb!


Missy said...

LOVE the pics,looks like you all had a great 4th! I tell ya when we moved from our last house I did not want to move...because we have a big inground pool that I LOVED and we used all the time. There is not a day during the spring and summer that I don't miss that pool. The kids miss it just as much. If we could afford it I would put one in here today...but, until I win the lottery my little
2x2 blow up will have to suffice! Can't wait to see pics of your new place

Renee said...

Lurker signing in to say, I like your new haircut. Very cute and stylish. Looking forward to pics of the new house. And yes, Savy G definitely wins the prize for best diving form. Those were some good dives.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! I LOVE LOVE your freaking hair!!!! I had fun the other day even though I was changing the babies around and they were scared of the fireworks!!:)) Were Nanna and dalton scared like that when they were little? Love you!! Oh and if you need ANY help packing or anything at all let me know. School does not start until the end of August!! We want Nanna and Dalton to come over for a slumber party one night too. Maybe ya'll can go out on a date or something!:))

Anonymous said...

HA I meant to say chasing the girls around! Not changing....oops

RADstitches said...

I love the new doo!!! Looks like ya'll had a ball too!!!