Thursday, July 16, 2009


I wish I had some pictures for you ones that is, but I don't. The camera is on the bar and my bootay is on the sofa. I didn't have the camera at the new house tonight when we were working, but I did grab it and snap some new shots of SavyG's panties in the den floor when we got home. I don't know why she insists on leaving them lying around. As a matter of fact, I just don't understand much about her at all lately. Dalton either for that matter. I'll try to snap some pictures of them over the next couple of days as we "get ready" to go somewhere. Yesterday, I took both of my kids to the Taekwondo Studio for a fun "lock in" and they both looked like they had on their pajamas, especially Savannah. They have got to have a wardrobe makeover, especially given the fact they are demanding we go to church. We have to have some church clothes and I'm already keeping back to school in mind. IT NEVER ENDS!
I, however, have lost 8 pounds now. HAPPY DANCE! HAPPY DANCE! Most of that is just from coming off the roids, but I have had some intestinal distress lately, too. I have already started praying for an easier time this week. We'll see what happens.
OK, Ms. Missy....My Do! Let me try to show you what I do.

Here are some pictures of me doing NOTHING TO IT!

I didn't do anything to it in these pictures. I got out of the swimming pool and put my clothes on and stuck a clip in the front to hold my bangs back. That was it.

My hair texture has changed since I started these medications. My hair seems to grow all different directions. It began to fall out when I started MTX and got a little thin. That has grown back now and it grew back thicker and more course.

I watch So You Think You Can Dance every week and really like the funky style of Mia Michaels. So, I suggested that to my hair dresser and this is what he gave me.

The only thing I put in it is Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax.

It doesn't take much. You just mash it around in your hands and rub it through your hair and stick your hair anywhere you want it. It's quick, easy, fun and FUNKY. I like it for now. Thanks for asking.

We painted some more tonight and got new door knobs for the whole house. We also finished MOST of the electrical outlets. It's getting there, but there is still a lot to do. I think the appraiser is meeting Jeff there tomorrow. I'm sure we'll be busy this weekend. I just hope I feel better than the one before

I hope to have more updates for you next time. OH, the grass got cut. That helped A LOT!



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Missy said...

Well I just freaking LOVE your hair do, seriously...its soo damn cute!!! I cut 10 inches off mine and I am not getting what I want with it I need something and I like the messed up, textured look. I have soooooooo much hair that it has to be thinned bigtime. The last molding wax I got was just blah so I will see if I can find the bumble sumo stuff...sounds kinky roflmao.
I think if my daughter left her panties lying around she would be pantiless after awhile..
sounds like you are moving right along on the house, it looks great....
Hey in case I dont talk via blog to you between now and Sunday, I will be gone Sunday thru Thurs and I doubt I will have access to a computer...I am heading to Chattanooga TN for Nationals for my daughters softball looking forward to the getaway for a few days
CONGRATS on the 8 lb weight loss...that is freaking awesome Kaci!!! I have lost about 15 lbs and still have a LONG way to go....