Sunday, July 26, 2009


We are all still here and Rockn & Rollin on the "new" house! Jeff, rather unexpectedly, ripped out the kitchen floor and we have been busy trying to get one back in before MONDAY. I'm not sure why he always likes to add one more level of stress to an already insane situation, BUT he does and I love him.....

I took lots of new pictures because we were excited to find some hardwood under some of what he ripped out. It's looking better and better. Well...sort of.... You know how you have to make a mess to REALLY clean up. That's the stage we are in right now and the bottoms of my feet hurt too badly to go get the camera. Sorry!! Not tonight.

Hope everyone is well and ready for a new week. We've got a busy one.



KKGrimmer said...

Take care of those feet, Kacy! I bet the house is going to look great after you put your magic touch on it! I'm anxious to see the pics of the process you've made so far. Hope you have a great week too!

Missy said...

You poor girl...Take some time and soak those feet..or even better yet go get a foot massage! Can't wait to see the pics of all the work you have done on the new digs. I too have done that last minute decide to tackle something...its called spur of the moment stupidity lolol..muwah