Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying to Keep Up

In an effort to get “caught up” (HA! What a joke!) I’m sitting in Taekwondo with my laptop! I am so behind!! And so much has been happening that I don’t want to forget.

This MAY be the only time I will ever admit it, BUT yesterday was my birthday. No real exciting news there, but Friday night we partied like ROCKSTARS! (Well as Rockstarish as the Acree’s get, anyway.) ONE of my most excellent mother-in-laws (I’m fortunate enough to have 2) threw me a little bash. We had a little family get together and also celebrated my sister-in-law’s father-in-law’s birthday! Meet Mr. Dave….

We had a lot of fun!

Oh and for you regular readers, Jeff went totally OLD SCHOOL for my birthday and got me pink roses!! I know, that one threw me for a loop, too. You never can figure him out. About the time I get all pumped up about the possibility of getting another grocery store gift card, he gets mushy with the roses! HA. Thank you Jeff! They are beautiful!

ALL we have done is work on the house. We worked all weekend and then I have been working a half day at the office and then heading over to the new house until about 10 every night. Jeffrey on the other hand, has been there from anywhere between 2 and 5 a.m. and returning the following morning around 9. I would be a walking zombie by now! He kinda is, but he’s still going strong.

These BEFORE pictures are from either Saturday or Sunday. I took the AFTER pictures tonight.


You can’t see a lot of the work we have done. If you look close there is a lot of extra trim in the house, TONS of painting, the plumbing fixed, a new hot water heater, the electrical completely redone in the house and duct work run into both of those back rooms for the new heat and air!! DID YOU EVEN SEE THOSE HARDWOOD FLOORS!!!????
The floors were totally perplexing Jeff. Here is that awesome piece of hardwood we "found" the other night.
That part was NOT so hardwood...but have no fear. We found some great CLEARANCE tile at Lowe's!!
That's Rafael's booty!! He's such a hard worker and really funny. He eats salads! He says they stick with him. Oh, and he told me Taco Bell was "shit". HA
Funny Feller!! AND as you can see, no real progress on the kitchen, yet. They are staining the floors tonight and then nobody can go in the house until noon tomorrow. The kitchen fun will begin then.

OH and I am feeling GREAT. Enbrel is the bomb!! If you take a BC Powder, it’s like… what RA? Even my energy level is coming back. I’m pulling these long days doing hard labor and I’m still OK. I can’t tell you how awesome that is and how thankful I have been. I’m getting all teary eyed typing in a room full of 20 kicking teens right now. I honestly didn’t think I would feel this good again and that I had taken so much of my time and strength for granted. I’m not taking any of these good days for granted. I LOVE IT, and what a powerful lesson it has taught me. It’s really funny to hear the people around me, asking about my more “chilled” attitude. I am ashamed of much of the time I spent being uptight and stressed out by the small things instead of enjoying each and every moment.

I will be SO HAPPY to get this move behind us. Because we are basically reconstructing the interior of the house before we move, and in my brain I have it all lumped in as “THE MOVE”, it’s really dragging out. If you have ever done construction work, you understand the concept of starting one thing, only to have it turn into 6 more things you didn’t anticipate. It’s inevitable and the reason all builders get a bad reputation for not being able to give an accurate time frame for a job. We were hoping to be moving this weekend, but instead, I think we will just be getting around to packing! I haven’t started!! I told you I was a procrastinator. BESIDES, we don’t have anything clean to pack right now anyway. My plan is to work on that tonight….We’ll see how that goes.
Just a couple of other pictures I took...

My sweet Boy! He was so excited I was having a birthday!

"Myrtle" under the Myrtle..




Renee said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a chance to celebrate. Pink roses--now that's too sweet. Red is so traditional. The house is coming along nicely. And for the amount of work you're doing, ya'll are going really fast. Keep the pics coming.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kacy,Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUU!!! You are 23 wow, finally! lol
Sounds like you had a great time, wish I could of been there to celebrate with you!
The house is looking beautiful. LOVE LOVE the extra little touches, the design in the hardwood. I love hardwood anyway but that adds. LOVE the colors, brown is my fav lol..
I am so happy that you are feeling better. Pain is an awful thing, then when you add nasty side effects of medicine, it can send one into depression, trust me btdt. When you finally find something that works you want to jump to the moon. SOOOO glad the meds are working without nasty side effects. Praying it continues to be nothing but positives for you ahead!