Thursday, July 30, 2009


Exhaustion DOES NOT = Anxiety!
Apparently, a strange reaction to your Enbrel can cause a scary increase in your blood pressure which can present itself as some serious ANXIETY! That got a little too freaky for my taste....Last night I was laying in bed thinking I was going to come out of my skin! I couldn't figure out why. Dalton wanted to lay in bed with me and watch cartoons and I had to make him get out and turn the TV off...I just couldn't take it. Today, I mentally felt good but my body was saying I was FREAKING out. I had hives and my chest was hurting and I was just out of it. A little after lunch, I saw my thigh where I had my shot Tuesday and it was red and whelped up. We started putting it all together and called the doctor. My blood pressure was 174/117. BENEDRYL time....and 45 minutes later we were feeling MUCH better! (Just ready to go to bed.)
I know we have a ton going on and some anxiety is to be expected but that was ridiculous. We are going to try some Benedryl before my shots the next couple of weeks and see if we can't prevent this little episode from recurring. Apparently, it's a common side effect. They told me about potential chest pain, but not the rest of the story...I guess everyone is a little different. I learned that the doctors kinda freak out when your blood pressure gets into that range. HA. I told them to settle down, it had apparently been that way since yesterday. Dr. "Bow Tie" cracked me up all worked up.
The floors got sealed last night and again this morning. Jeff is going over tonight to buff them and I am sending the camera with him. I'm not up to going tonight. We had some MAJOR storms around here this afternoon. We didn't have damage at either house BUT there is plenty around us at both places. I'm sure the next few days, I will be working a new round of claims. I was just about to get those from the end of June wrapped up!!! I only had two left still open. I told Jeff to take some pictures. He said they look INCREDIBLE. He tried to take some pictures this morning but I had the card in the card reader so he took the camera with NO card in it.
Both of my kids got their haircut today before all of the drama! They look so cute! The storming started in the middle of Dalt's cut. Bless his little heart. The sirens started going off and he started crying. He toughed it out and we actually had to stay afterwards for about 45 minutes for the sirens to go off and for the rain to let up some. It was a mess!!
SO, I'm giving myself the night off and I'll hit it hard again tomorrow. I've got curtains to make and LOTS of packing to do.


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Missy said...

Holy Bejezzus girl be careful with your blood pressure would ya? No wonder you were not able to sleep. You guys are like madmen/madwoman getting the house done. I love the little details you are putting into things.
Gotta luv the insurance business, claims are what keeps my dad in business...could ya send some storms our way for him, he is sloooww lol
Glad you are feeling better!!!