Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Next time I decide to go to Cardio Kickboxing Class would someone PLEASE stop me? Jenifer, I thought you were my friend. WHAT were you thinking going with me? I didn't even know I had calves, but apparently I do because THEY HURT!! OK, let me back up. Jenifer joined the gym!! WOO HOO! I now have another partner in crime. I think I wore my other one out (and then I quit going myself). The timing was perfect, too. We went to the gym Monday evening. Tuesday morning, I returned for my check up at with my wonderful bow tie wearing Rheumatologist.

HA!! He'll kill me for that! Oh well. He's about the size of my pinky finger and he looks like he's just out of high school. BUT, he's an amazing doctor and I get a kick out of him. I have an uncanny ability to make him blush. It started like my second appointment. It was Halloween and if you recall, this was us....

Yeah, I don't think he had ANY other patients that dressed up for their appointments. HA, anyway, after we fought about the fact that I hit 160lbs on the scale and I was coming OFF the steroids with or with out permission, we got down to business. (By the way, I took his little punk ass, and I'm NOT taking steroids now.) I started Enbrel last week and other than a minor side effect, I really didn't think I could tell from just one shot. UNTIL, my exam with NO PAIN in my joints.....ANY OF THEM. What I can't believe, is that I didn't even realize it until he asked me. I still have a lot of swelling in my joints and that's a little limiting. I guess that's what I was paying attention to. Doesn't that sound weird to say? HAPPY DANCE, NO PAIN!! That helped with the pain in my heart over the size of my rear end. (I was in the 130s when I started seeing the bow tie!!) YUCK! But, I'm good. I'm so not focused on that anymore! I am who I am...and I'm living with what I have...and I FEEL GOOD. So, I tackled Kickboxing! It was actually ok. I didn't think I was going to make it through the class and I wanted to quit more than once but I'm so glad I didn't. There were a few things I didn't get, but, hey, it was my first time. If Amber (my teacher) will have me back, I'll give it another shot. The saying should be EASY ON, not EASY OFF.

We've started packing up around here. I think we are selling more than we are taking with us. MAJOR YARD SALE AUGUST 8th!!
We are all in different places about this move. I'm THRILLED! Jeff is stressed about the actual move. Dalton is stressed about the logistics of how things like school will work out. Savannah is silently freaking out...shutting down. Jeff will deal...he's an adult and everybody and their mothers and cousins have offered to help. (If you didn't mean it, you better go out of town.) I am, however, worried about my kiddos! Dalton is usually the one I worry about the most. He is MY worrier! His worries about this move, though, are about logistics. After a week or so, we'll be past that. Once he sees HOW things work, I think he'll be ok. He's excited about "cozy". Savannah is throwing me for a total loop. I am not her "go to" parent. That is more Jeff's job. Those two were split from the same hair and she is all about her Daddy. He lacks a mothers intuition, though, so we usually have to tag team her. She is closing her self up in the house and not playing with her friends. She has used every excuse for why she hasn't, but they are pretty lame excuses to be honest. It comes down to the ONLY reason we didn't want to leave here....THE KIDS FRIENDS. I need help. I've become very good at admitting that. We talk about it all the time and we've set up ways for them to all stay in touch and they will all be back in school together in a few weeks. We did manage to salvage this school year for them. Dalton will move next year to Jr. High which was going to be a move anyway. We are going to play it by ear with SavyG. It just breaks my heart to SEE what she is going through and to understand and to not feel like I can help her. She goes quiet on me. I've been doing a lot of praying about this situation lately. It has helped me. I'm focused on my babies right now, help me pray for them if you can.

Think you can handle two more days this week? I can! We are going to start working at the new house Friday!! I'm ready!! I've got it all layed out. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


I had my picture taken today for my Agency Website.... Do you think people will buy insurance and value Financial Planning advice coming from a woman who's hair sticks out everywhere?
HA. I'm not sure that's what Allstate had in mind for their Agent Head Shot, but that IS what they got! LOVE IT.

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Missy said...

OMG I LOVE the pic, you are a hottie sistah. I seriously LOVE the new do. I wouldn't lie to you either. Tell me how do you do it? what product do you use, dry it, straighten it??? I seriously want to knwo cuz I love it.
I will email you about when I moved, changed districts. My daughter was going into middle school and my son was in elementary was tough and all...i will email you!
Hang in there Kac