Saturday, July 18, 2009


There are SavyG's underwear in the den floor from the other night!! I finally got up off my Industrial Size Ass! HA.
DISCLAIMER: It's late, I'm tired and this post may "bounce off the walls". I don't have the energy to keep up with the flow.
I didn't take any new pictures at the "new" house. We are still painting! The problem now is that we are doing all that detail work that the pictures don't show. So, pretty much, things look exactly the way they did last time I took pictures. We now have 11 days until closing AND the fun is about to begin. You have to remember we ARE the Acree's and we do things a little differently than most. I don't think MOST people knock out walls 10 days before closing. BUT WE DO. HA! and all of my hair falls out from living on the edge. NO, seriously, they did our appraisal today and we didn't have any major repairs. Well, no MAJOR MAJOR repairs. So, now that we know what we HAVE to do, we are free to do what we WANT to do. That means the kitchen will be on the curb by Monday afternoon. I would love to say it would be out there tomorrow, but you know things can't go smoothly for us.
Let me back up and explain (I'll need to remember this later so I can laugh, cuz it ain't so funny right now.) Jeff has been in Walnut MS working on an old home there for the last two days and will go back in the morning to hopefully FINISH. He took on this project a little while back. It is an awesome home that if I'm not mistaken is 103 years old. The lady bought the house and the bank put about $45,000 in escrow for repairs. You can imagine, being 103, it needed a lot of work (mostly cosmetic). Somehow, she and Jeff hooked up and he took the job even though it was an hour away. Well, that was great and all, even up until Wednesday of this past week AND the fact that we were trying to get our own OLD house up to par.....THEN, for WHATEVER reason the bank decided to call her loan and informed her (and Jeff, being listed as the contractor) that she had until MONDAY to complete the repairs or the escrowed funds would be applied to the principal amount of the loan. HUMM, that would mean that the money Jeff was to make on the job would be bye bye!! NO GOOD. Thank goodness it was fairly close to being completed anyway BUT, he has worked a couple of 14-16 hour days and has one more to go!
So my mother in law and I have been working our tails off at the new house doing all of the cosmetic things we can and leaving the wall banging for the BIG BOYS.
I'm also doing my best to hold down the home front. HA!! Laugh real hard right here, because that is a JOKE. I'm trying, I swear, but they may come take my kids soon. I'm not doing a very good job. At least I don't think I am. I think aliens came and abducted my baby boy. They left their version of a human prototype, but I swear it is NOT Dalton. It is this nasty greasy little boy that I hardly recognize. WHAT? WHAT happens to 11 year old boys? Now, everyone knows I love that baby more than life itself, but HE'S GROSS. He still stinks when he gets out of the shower!! AND, he's pissed, because I tell him at least three times a day to go take a shower. Did you see that Seinfeld episode where George says his shower didn't take? We are living it. When does this phase pass?
We got some back to school shopping done this morning! Well, let me be honest and tell you how that came about. It was an accident. Since we have to go to church in the morning, and my motherly skills are leaving MUCH to be desired, AND we have NO clean clothes because I haven't done any laundry, I decided we would just stop by the store and buy something to wear. That is much more fun, much less time consuming and just plain easier than actually washing clothes. (It's been one of my mottoes (spell check says that is right but it looks really wierd to me) for years. I'm good at it.) The next thing you know, Dalton had all of his back to school stuff and Savy had a HUGE jump on hers. YES.
Tonight, Savannah was outside swimming with some of her homeys and I realized that my flowers had come back to life with all of the rain we have had in the last few days. I didn't get back out there to take pictures until after dark....I was busy paying the pizza chick for the nutritious meal she delivered to the door. (I told you I was doing a great job.) BUT check out my crazy flowers...
OKAY, let's just keep it real....
YES, my dogs poop on the concrete when the grass is wet, too! BUT, if you move around just a little bit.......
NOBODY has to know!
How profound!!!! It's ALL in the way you look at it!


melanie, aka Mo said...

Love the hair. Love the house. Love the panties in the middle of the floor. And speaking of SAVYG. Be watching my blog. I have a surprise for her!! Mo

Tina Haynes said...

I love reading about your life's ups and downs. I believe we have met at least once (I am Angel Stanton's mom). There are days when I read your blog that I laugh out loud. So much of it could be the story of our life. I had to comment on buying new clothes. I can't wait to tell Jeff because I hae done that with socks and underwear so often that Jeff Hayden and I could probably go for several months without doing laundry and still have clean underwear.