Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I, maybe, should NOT be doing a post while still at work, but screw it!! It's MY office and MY computer and this is when I have time. Home life is a little NUTTY right now.

Yesterday, I had a very interesting day with Miss Savannah Grace, but I had to drive to Dyersburg last night and didn't get home until about 11. My Great Uncle Bobby passed away, so my Mom and Grandmother and I went up last night. His funeral was today at 1, but there was no way for me to make that.

ANYWAY, I have decided that the aliens brought Dalton back to me, but when they were here they took SavyG. That child is NOT right and it is becoming a growing concern that she may never be. I discovered Sunday morning that Dalton really doesn't have a perpetual odor. He just doesn't bathe properly. I don't know much about 11 year old little boys, but I'm not sure mine is the "typical" type. Sunday morning, I told him to shower and if he stunk when he got out, he would just have to get back in. The kid asked me to just come help him. HA. I put my Crocs on with my PJ's and got in the side of the shower he wasn't using. (It's one of those walk through jobs with two shower heads.) He walked over to me for me to scrub his head and it wasn't even all the way wet!! DING DING DING..This could be PART of the problem. SO, we had Showering 101 and would you know, the kid smelled GOOD when he got out. He even smelled moderately clean after his next shower. (I haven't told him to bathe again, so I seriously doubt he has.) I kiddingly told him I was going to sniff his balls after his last shower and he actually asked me if I needed to!! THAT kid ain't right.


He might be better than Savannah. She started shaving her PITS Sunday!! I cried! I realize it's a rite of passage, but I wasn't ready. I still won't let her shave her legs (many of her friends are) but, she NEEDED to shave those pits! Yikes!!

So she went with me to paint yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. I thought I needed someone to talk to me. In hind sight, NOT such a great idea, but I learned my lesson. I had to paint this built in bathroom cabinet in the kids bathroom. It was about the only thing at the "new" house that hadn't been touched yet. We've all been avoiding it because it's in a little bathroom and you have to close the bathroom door to even get to it. Of course, the closet/cabinet isn't very large either. How the ONLY claustrophobic (ME) in the family got stuck with that job, I'll never understand. I was a little concerned about freaking out in there, so I decided to take her with me to sit on the toilet and talk to me. (I didn't say it was good judgment.) OF COURSE, she was bored and entertained herself by standing on a 5 gallon paint bucket and singing and dancing (flailing) around. After an hour of flailing, and paint fumes, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to MAKE her sit down. THAT was very difficult for her. After a couple of minutes, she had one leg pulled up to her chest and was beating on her thigh. This was where it ALL went wrong.......all to the tune of Hollaback Girl. Instead of
..ain't no hollaback girl...this my shit...this my shit....(which is bad in itself) while beating on her thigh, she started singing....
ain't no hollaback girl...beat my meat...beat my meat...
Yeah, I washed that paint brush and we left!! I still don't know how I was supposed to handle that one. That's just somewhere I'm NOT going. WHERE IN THE MANUAL DOES IT TELL YOU HOW TO HANDLE THAT?
So, my husband is still working on someone else's house. It was finished Monday!!! He worked at FedEx yesterday and I was gone last night and today he is back in WALNUT. We had a few words about that this morning (they weren't good ones). We are getting in a bit of a time crunch!! Today we got the list of repairs from the appraiser so maybe it will do some good NOT coming from me. Ya know, wives are such Nags! Whatever, how about a place to live? We close in 8 days!! I mean, I'm trying to be chill, but I ain't THAT good.
Hey Tina! Thanks for commenting!! OF COURSE, I remember meeting you!! Girl, why do you think I don't get upset when I find Savannah's underwear WHEREVER I might find them? We have enough underwear and socks for 2/3 of the country's military. That started when I got my first job in High School. I realized I liked shopping and new clothes MUCH more than I did laundry. It may not be the most economical trait I possess, but is a trait none the less!! HA. Most of my friends seem to like it, too. (Well, they did before I grew!)



Renee said...

Yea, I'd say Dalton is being typical boy. My boys went through "drive thru" shower stages too. They are now 14 and 13 and seem to do a better job now. Now it's just reminding them to put on deodarant BEFORE they start stinking each day. :)

Glad the house is coming along. I'd be freaking out too but I like reading about the house updates.

Dawn said...

The stories of your children crack me up. I love how you are just so real on here. We never have to guess what you are thinking.

Good luck on the closing of the house. Have you sold your current house yet? Did I miss that update? What school will the kiddos be going to?

Sorry for the questions. Have a great weekend!!