Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I threw a 2 year old fit last night. I was standing in the kitchen about 7:45 last night. I was hungry and I was tired, so I just cried. I cried so hard I just had to go to bed. Nothing was wrong! I was just plain worn OUT! Today was better, I just went back to work for some rest! HA.

We worked at the house ALL DAY yesterday (still without power). Here are the pictures I took before we left.

Definitely still a work in progress but we are happy with what we have gotten done so far. The power should be back on tomorrow and I have to say I am sorry for "cursing" the seller about the utilities. He is going through some difficult times, and I don't know the whole story and should have possibly been more understanding. (He could have also possibly been more communicative (if that's a word) and we could have avoided the whole cut-off thing all together.) ANYWAY, some things you can't see,,,,,,all of the electrical outlets have been replaced, all of that white in the main areas is wainscoting and I love it! Crown molding is going up in the kids rooms (who both decided on the same blue) and a chair rail is going up in our bedroom (above) and it will be white below. The bathtub and tile in that bathroom have to come out, but not until AFTER the appraisal. Same thing with the kitchen, we are scared at this date, if we rip them out, we might not be able to get them ALL the way back in before closing on the 30th. SO, deal for now. I'm not crazy and I realize they are a hot mess, but we will get to them. We also hired a fellow to come cut the grass and weed eat. Of course, it has rained everyday since we called the young man, but ain't that just the way it goes?

In case you were wondering, NOPE, I haven't started packing. Let's just go ahead and get something out in the open. I'm not much on packing. I'm an extreme procrastinator. While I can sit here and have the best of intentions and know that packing in advance would lead to a much smoother move, it just ain't happening. We can all hope! Just don't hold your breath.
We took today and tonight off from our construction job. The kids had Taekwondo and then we went to Taco Bell for dinner! HA! Am I good mom or what? It was my night off! I think we are headed back over there tomorrow about 3. We are looking forward to checking out our handy work with the lights on!! The kids have a "lock-in" at Taekwondo tomorrow afternoon and they are looking forward to that. Savannah is taking her bestie Riley with her. Dalton took a friend last time. OH, and we have picked out our backpacks for this year...LLBean! I still remember my first LLBean Backpack. I was in Jr. High and I think I used that same one until I graduated. My kids think they are supposed to get a new one every year! Whatev!
Sleep Tight!

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Missy said...

Hey, I think we are allowed a fit or two once in awhile. After all, we are married to men, raising children, and those two alone are enough to make anyone lose it.... So I give you total permission to act 2,5,10, whatever you choose!!! You sound like you are burning the candle at both ends my dear....slooowww down sistah, before you hit a brick wall and get sick. Mamma can't get sick remember. The house looks beautiful, LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors....btw did you ever post to me about your new hairdo? I love it, tell me how you style it? What products do you use, etc? I LOVE it and it looks darling on you