Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting There

We are getting really close now. The house is looking great! The hardwood floors are done and the quarter round got put down today and caulked. My mother in law is meeting me there early in the morning to put the final coat of paint on the baseboards! Everything but the kitchen is finished....

We are meeting the kitchen consultant in the morning at 8. He has a prefab line that he custom installs. We found cabinets ourselves, but they just aren't really what I want. Considering I've spent less that$500 on my flooring (that's all we have in that gorgeous hardwood), I may splurge a little on my cabinets. It's a prefab cabinet with a custom fit....that's sort of bridging the price gap. We'll see.

I spent the day packing the house up. I got mine and Jeff's room and closet and bathroom done and the guest room where Dalton is currently sleeping and two closets in the hall way. One had a bunch of my craft stuff. The other one had all of my party dishes.

The yard sale pile is getting MIGHTY big!
See my floors!

3 crazy monkeys who had been helping their Daddy's trying to get the job done. Amazing if you remember what we started with.

I'll try to keep up over the next few days. If I can't, I'll at least take pictures and we can "catch up" next week. Savy G has a dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon and we have more packing to do. I think I'm gonna tackle her room next. I extended my sale to Friday and Saturday. We should be moving late Thursday and Friday. FUN FUN.
Hope all is well with everyone.


Missy said...

Wow,you guys are moving right along at an unbelievable speed.. No wonder your tired. I am tired looking at the pics. The wood floors are beautiful.
I hate hate hate packing!! ugh, feel for you
Are you putting a spare room in the house for me?? I need to get away lol

KKGrimmer said...

You are one busy and amazing woman! I love your floors! I know you are ready for it all to be DONE and enjoy it! You have done a great job!!