Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I "ALMOST" have 7000 square feet packed up! I'm not quite there, but I'm close. I've been through and cleaned out every room but the kitchen. I've separated into trash, things that go in the yard sale and things that get moved. This process has taught me A LOT! First of all, I had a bunch of unnecessary mess! HA. Considering MY closet in this house is almost the size of my bedroom in the new house (and Jeff and I will be sharing a closet in the new house) I have to get rid of a lot of stuff. Not just clothes....EVERYWHERE. It takes a lot to decorate this much space and NOT so much to decorate the new space. THEN, you have my scary kids.

I tackled Savannah's room, closet and play area yesterday and Dalton's room, closet and play area today! (I couldn't handle them both in the same day.) It was a learning experience, FUR SURE! I learned that SavyG is EXTREMELY sentimental and Dalton is extremely NOT! She wants to keep everything and Dalton wants to get rid of everything. I pulled 5 big black garbage bags full of stuff (mainly clothes) to put in the yard sale out of Savannah's room. I only got one from Dalton's. Savannah's room was utter chaos and it ALWAYS makes me nuts, but now I realize that it ALL has meaning to her and I've committed to trying to better understand her chaos. She had things that different people have given her throughout the years and she can't get rid of those things because of the "meaning" behind the gift. It was an enlightening process. Dalton gets rid of things regularly. He and I have more of the same personality. We always have and it proved to be the case in cleaning his room out. There wasn't a lot to do because he had already done it. Now, don't get me wrong....he had dirty clothes hidden in the closet and such, and then I found something VERY interesting. He had a little booger collection going. When I saw it, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me. Then I asked him if it was what I thought it was and he just died laughing! GROSS!!!!!!! I also found a small snack collection of corn chips and fruit snacks in his nightstand drawer. He said it was just in case he gets hungry at night! BOYS?

Jeff got the garage cleaned out and packed up today. WE ARE GETTING THERE! The underwriter had asked for an additional comp from our appraiser and we FINALLY got that today, so hopefully we can close by Friday and get moved this weekend! The kiddos start school on Monday and I would sure LOVE to be outta here by then, but we'll just see. We still have the kitchen to deal with at the new house. UMMM, that cabinet bid we were getting was INSANE!! Those are some cabinets WE WON'T BE HAVING! They should have had gold shelves for the price he quoted us today. I literally almost shit my pants (sorry about the profanity). That fellow was recommended to us by someone we've never used before and we thought the prefab way might me cheaper and faster. The guy that's been doing cabinets for us for the last year or so is coming to bid the job tomorrow. His are custom built and may take a little longer but I'll deal with no kitchen for THE PRICE RANGE......just sayin'. Who needs a kitchen anyway when you've just moved, the kids just went back to school, soccer practice and games and taekwondo??? I mean, really! It has a sink and we have an extra fridge we can throw in there.

I'm out for tonight. I've got more clothes to fold and a pool full of kids at 10:04. I'm tired! Thanks so much for your comments and well wishes. They mean the world to us! This has been a difficult process for all of us in our own ways and we are all working hard to remain positive and focused. I'm SO looking forward to having this OVER with, but I am loving everything about it and every valuable thing I have learned.


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Renee said...

Sounds like you're getting tons accomplished. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. Woo Hoo!